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SPECK | More than 100 years of pool pump innovation

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SPECK | More than 100 years of pool pump innovation

In South Africa, many suburban homes come with the luxury of a swimming pool. This luxury does, however, come with great responsibility. This is because having a pool means cleaning and maintaining it to keep the water healthy and safe for swimmers to enjoy. At Speck, we believe that maintaining safe and clean swimming pool water should be a simple task. With the help of quality pool pumps and accessories, anyone can maintain a pool in excellent working condition.

Speck Pumps is an internationally renowned brand that specialises in the manufacture and supply of a variety of pool pumps and accessories. We have been active in South Africa for over 50 years and have become the most popular pool accessories and equipment supplier nationwide. As an established brand, our company has a reputation that precedes itself for providing top quality pool products.

Industry leaders and innovators

Our company specialises in a wide range of pool related products, including pool pumps, pool cleaners, pool filters, pool lights, pool chlorinators, counter stream units and various pool accessories. All of our products are manufactured to international standards, which means we can provide our clients with the best options for equipment and accessories used to maintain a swimming pool effectively and easily.

Our staff members are experts in all things pool related, which means that we can give our clients excellent advice as to which pieces of pool equipment or accessories will be best suited to their pool shape and size, as well as their lifestyle. This is very important, as a pool needs very specific parts of the correct power and size to function optimally.

Choosing the best pool pump

For any swimming pool to run seamlessly, it needs a functioning pool pump. These devices help ensure water circulation to keep the water clean and healthy. As crucial as these pumps are for the functioning of a pool, choosing the right one is essential. This choice will largely depend on the size of the swimming pool.

Having the wrong size pump, for example, can place undue strain on a pool system, damaging other critical parts of the pool, such as the filter. We, therefore, always strive to give our clients the best possible swimming pool maintenance advice, whether it involves large and important pieces of equipment such as pool filters or small pool accessories such as pool thermometers.

Our company’s goal is to assist our clients in making the correct choices when it comes to maintaining their swimming pools. In so doing, we have come to be one of South Africa’s most trusted and most reliable swimming pool equipment and accessory brands.

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