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Friday, 07 February 2020 10:41

Kaizen Institute South Africa and Bridge Building OpEx Solutions form a new partnership

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Manufacturers and SMME’s to benefit from supply chain expertise

Local supply chain consultancy Bridge-Building (BB) OpEx Solutions and Kaizen Institute South Africa have joined forces to boost supply chain skills in South Africa's emerging manufacturing sector.

The new partnership offers client companies a range of results-driven, process simplification and operational excellence solutions, particularly in the area of supply chain optimisation.

“We found many of South Africa’s small to medium manufacturing companies struggle in the area of supply chain and the costs that are associated if not done well," says Mbuso Nkosi, MD of Kaizen Institute SA.

The sector, worth an estimated R164-billion annually (Statistics SA Q4 2018), is vital to the growth of South Africa's economy and to job creation."

BBOpEx has a proven method of improving operational excellence within a variety of manufacturers. We do this by engaging people's hearts and minds, aligning their roles with processes to ensure ongoing value for customers. This eliminates waste and inefficiencies," said Glenda Maitin, head of BBOpex.

Although BBOpEx Solutions has a wide variety of clients, it offers key expertise in leading supply chain and operational improvement programs as well as providing project management services.

KAIZEN™’s methodology provides a framework that uses continuous improvement (CI), which is applied to critical processes considered integral to the goals of the client’s business.

The company has a long history going back three decades to the publication of Masaaki Imai’s “Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success (McGraw Hill 1986).”  Since then, the word KAIZEN has become an everyday term used in personal, business and government circles across the globe.

“We help clients achieve real-time results while learning during the process.  This empowers them to become pioneers of change in their respective industries,” Maitin said.

“The partnership is a win-win for two broad reasons,” Nkosi says.

“Firstly in terms of specific focus areas in clients’ businesses, we have clear differentiated offerings. Combining these skillsets adds significant synergies.

Secondly, Kaizen Institute SA is particularly strong in the minerals processing sector, while BBOpEx has an excellent footprint in the manufacturing and logistics sector.  In this way, we can offer more to our respective customers."

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About Kaizen Institute SA

Kaizen Institute’s consultants and trainers have benefited from thousands of real life expe­riences, in supporting teams and organizations through their own KAIZEN / Lean journey and can help organi­zations harness the true power of KAIZEN, while successfully transferring their knowledge and skills, so that the clients can sustain their own KAIZEN Journey.

Kaizen Institute’s offerings include consulting, training, public events, seminars, best practice tours, international study missions, and educational publications. In addition, Kaizen Institute consultants and trainers support companies of various sizes and industrial seg­ments, both private and public, working within (not around) various language and cultural barriers. KAIZEN Consultants often support multi national corporations and deploy KAIZEN Initiatives throughout their entire global footprint.

About BBOpEx

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