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Tuesday, 16 July 2019 12:47

Where Can South Africans Get Advice on Mine Planning and Technical Structures?

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Where Can South Africans Get Advice on Mine Planning and Technical Structures?

For South Africans who are looking for advice on mine planning and technical structures,opting for independent mining consultancy services may be you rbest bet. As experts in mine feasibility studies and life of mine plans, the professionals who offer mining consultancy services are experts in the industry and will be able to provide best-practice advice.Here are some reasons why South Africans should make use of independent mining consultancy services to get the advice they need for mine planning.

They Are on Your Side

The one thing that you as a mining company can count on is that independent mine consultants are on your side. They have no other motive besides helping you get the best advice you need to plan or optimise your mine. They are also not affiliated with the state or with any external organisation, they are guaranteed to offer you advice that serves no other purpose than to benefit the operations and production of your mine.

They Have the Experience

Most mining consultants who perform mine feasibility studies and life of mine plans have decades of experience in the mining industry.The teams in mining consultancy companies usually consist of a few mining engineers who specialise in each type of mining, such as open pit or coal mines. Competent mining consultancy companies, such as Ukwazi, also have mining engineers who are legal and compliance specialists.

They Provide Project Management

Through the expertise of competent project managers provided by mining consultants,the jobs that are required to boost productivity and keep a mine running are organised, controlled and aligned in such a manner that employees use their skills to the benefit of everyone.Should you require expert mining project managers to conduct, advise, and align the disciplines within your project,contact Ukwazi. Find out more about their project management team and the other value-added services they offer.


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