Tuesday, 28 May 2019

True economic empowerment comes with disruption

Written by
Shaun Rademeyer , CEO MulitNet

MultiNET’s new approach to sharing wealth means home loan consultants could earn R20 million on average more than their counterparts in the market. Over the years, those companies that have played a disruptive role in their respective market spaces have been the ones to catapult us forward. Apple and the smartphone, Nikon and the world’s first digital camera, even a certain insurance company and its telephonic underwriting process, are just three examples of how industries have evolved.

And the home loans industry is no different, as MultiNET, SA’s only independent home loan origination company, is disrupting its industry by giving their consultants the opportunity to earn 293% more than the current market norms. This equates to an average earnings of R58 000 more per month, and over a 30-year career of a home loans consultant, would be worth over R20 million.

“The idea comes from looking at the same industry we service, real estate,” explains MultiNET CEO Shaun Rademeyer, “We realised that in the real estate industry, the agent is the key to success, and earnings moved over the years from 50% of the commission to upwards of 90%. “We have looked to evolving the origination industry to make use of the same key element, the consultant; the person doing the loan application.

This person is normally well experienced in the financing of home loans with several years of detailed knowledge and expertise ̶ many actually come from a banking background where they helped build the mortgage industry as we see it today.” These experts are mostly found through referrals, either by estate agent or via friends and family ̶ they are normally the go-to-person when customers ask, “What is the best way to get a home loan?”

However, this same person who is so integral to the success of the business is also settling for the smallest slice of the pie. “We have asked why, and the answers that come back are brand loyalty, a guarantee of a salary even though most are commission-only earners or the culture the company creates. However, in the end these talented individuals are small businesses in their own right that should start looking after their own interest and the interest of their families vs the financial gains of a few within the business.”

In 2018, MultiNET decided to change the lay of the land for the consultant and launched a unique offering to the home loans market that is built off the company value of sharing the wealth with the individuals who are its backbone.

“At MultiNET, we keep the cost of running the company low whilst still providing systems, support and building a brand to support the home loans consultants and aggregation businesses,” explains Rademeyer, “The efficiencies within our organisation have provided us with the ability to match the real estate industry strategy and disrupt the market the same way as high commission split brands like Property.CoZa, Keller Williams and Re/Max did for the property industry.”

Alister Smit, a consultant who recently joined MultiNET, says when he first heard about the offer he was extremely sceptical. However, after joining the group he realised that for years he was working towards making other people wealthy, much to his detriment, and taking away personal time and resources for the future.

“The world is getting smaller, and more and more people are looking for personalised service, the type of service that comes from employees who are invested in the companies they work for. We believe that our consultants and business partners are the backbone of our industry, able to give that personalised service, and their reward is the earning opportunity we provide,” says Rademeyer.

“And this is just the start; we are committed to finding new solutions within our industry for all stakeholders, supporting the development of previously disadvantaged segments in the market and spreading the financial benefit with the broader players in the industry.” About MultiNet MultiNET is the only independent bond origination company in South Africa.

They are committed to evolving the origination industry through cutting-edge innovation in systems, processes and the development of people, specifically supporting the development of previously disadvantaged segments in the market. For more information, please visit multinet.co.za