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Property ownership ripe for exploration for Western Cape investors and first-time home buyers

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Property ownership ripe for exploration for Western Cape investors and first-time home buyers

Cape Town get ready: ‘There is never a bad time to buy property…there are only bad investors who don't know how to take advantage of the opportunity.’

With pivotal elections on the horizon and a daily news stream fraught with negative economic sentiment, it is no surprise that South Africans are tiptoeing around potential investments and adopting a ‘wait and see’ approach.

Yet with recent claims from the City of Cape Town that homes in Cape Town have increased in value by 34% in the past three years, there is undoubtedly no time like the present for would-be property investors.

Wealth Alliance, an organisation that empowers individuals to change their perspective on traditional wealth creation, offer property investment seminars, masterclasses and mentorship programs. These programs will now be available in the Cape Town area, starting with ongoing free seminars* for anyone interested in the key to building wealth through property, regardless of industry experience.

These programs are carefully designed to assist entrants in the property sector, and therefore cover key aspects of the property market:

  • Areas in South Africa where you’re likely to find the best property deals, and which finance strategies will help you finance your investment;
  • Best Cape Town neighbourhoods to invest in as well as informal settlements ripe for investment
  • Various investment strategies including back-to-back deals, capital flips and how to invest in property without any of your own capital
  • Different types of properties to invest in, from residential to Airbnb and commercial
  • Building your network, finding and financing property deals

According to property specialist and Wealth Alliance co-founder, Sylvia Koketso Milosevic, ‘there is never a bad time to buy property…there are only bad investors who don't know how to take advantage of the opportunity.’

As an entrepreneur who has boldly entered the property market and reaped the rewards, Sylvia now actively shares her learnings and provides people with practical tips and advice.  Drawing inspiration from Napoleon Hill’s legendary bestseller, ‘Think and Grow Rich’, she runs a series of dynamic property investment seminars and training sessions. The seminars apply the 13 classic principles of ‘Think and Grow Rich’ to the local property market, and demonstrates how new investors can successfully negotiate the property sector.  

“While it is certainly a difficult economic environment for investors right now, we believe that with the right tools and knowledge, South Africans can benefit from the current downward trajectory in property prices - and turn their financial goals into reality,” she says. “We teach our students that by applying the right strategy, regardless of the market conditions, they can achieve outstanding returns.”

According to Milosevic, “investors should combine strategies that will have you making money from day one, so it doesn’t matter if the market declines, you are still making money every single month, down the line, until there is an upswing again.”

Moreover, declining house prices are not necessarily so negative - as it allows first-time homebuyers to enter the housing market at cheaper prices. They can then benefit from the uptick when it comes. Notably, the recent budget speech highlighted some positive socio-economic investments on the horizon which speak to a brighter future ahead for savvy investors.

Regardless of the current political status quo, however, it is critical that potential investors arm themselves with the knowledge and know-how to turn property into smart investments – despite difficult macroeconomic conditions. “We are thrilled to be able to share our knowledge and experience with potential investors in and around Cape Town, and to unlock the infinite opportunities that lie within the local property sector,” says Milosevic.

Wealth Alliance seminars are now available in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban, Polokwane and Venda, with new markets to be launched soon. To find out more about Wealth Alliance and to book for a complimentary Think and Grow Rich property seminars visit http://www.wealthalliance.com and http://www.thinkandgrowrich.co.za/ 

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