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Sunday, 01 June 2008 17:20

Green Building Conference and Exhibitors 21st - 22nd August 2008

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{pp}The leading edge of construction is green! New green buildings, using innovative design concepts such as bio mimicry and the latest technologies and materials are turning back the tide of energy and water wastage, and enhancing the health and productivity of the people that live and work within their walls.

At the Green Building Conference 2007, an excess of 500 delegates from the SA construction industry participated in a watershed meeting at which a tangible intent was established, to embrace the principals of green building.

Since then great strides have been taken in advancing towards a culture of green building in South Africa both in relation to regulations and voluntary practice. Under the circumstances a solid knowledge of green building practices and applications has become essential for all property owners and professionals.

Green Building Conference and Exhibition 2008 will be hosted by the Gauteng Institute for Architecture and the Wits School of Architecture as well as carrying the endorsement of the Commonwealth Association of Architects. Other partnerships include the Council for the Built Environment and the Enerkey Programme (JET Cities and the University of Johannesburg). Join in as property owners, regulators, built environment professionals, academics and representatives from all facets of the construction industry gather to glean insights from an unprecedented panel of international and South African contributors.

The Green Building Conference is validated for Continuing Professional Development for Architects, Engineers and Quantity Surveyors. The objective is to give people in attendance practical, applicable and verifiable information by facilitating a meaningful transfer of knowledge from the expert speaker panel and interactive discussion forums.Celeste is the editor for Green Building Media which is an information portal for all professionals in the Built Enviroment, focusing on the issues around sustainable living.

They have a monthly e-Journal that is edited by Llewellyn van Wyk, the head of the CSIR. For more information please visit the Green Building Media site:


Contact Information:
Green Building Media
tel: 021 674 505
fax: 0866947443
mobile: 082 296 7615
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