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Storage Genie Zones. – After the launch of the pilot Storage Genie Zone in Rivonia Square Mall in Sandton,Storage Genie is proud to announce the Grand Opening of its newest "Storage Genie Zones" Self Storage facilities in Zambezi Mall in Pretoria North and in Stoneridge Mall in the Edenvale area…
Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa - What has become prevalent in the private security industry, where Hospitality clientele are a focus point, is supplying these clients with a tailored security solution: ensuring client involvement determines satisfaction. Degradation in the maintenance of high level security solutions is often experienced in the hotel…
{pp}Efforts to facilitate the construction of mass housing by the Nigerian government has received a boost, with the unveiling of the Moladi building technology from South Africa, in Lagos, last week.
{pp}The Internet has changed the way of business as we know it, and continues to introduce revolutionary opportunities. The Internet has the big advantage of offering entrepreneurs the possibility to connect to customers worldwide and thus creating an open market that can generate a huge turnover and profits. The Internet…
{pp}For two years a window is open on the transfer of residences from juristic persons to natural persons. There is no Transfer Duty, and CGT rolls over to the ultimate sale of the residence.
Sunday, 24 January 2010 01:41

Haiti reconstruction of homes and buildings

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{pp}Moladi is geared to support and provide our construction technology to assist Haiti and her people in the reconstruction process that will follow the devastation of the earthquake. moladi reinforced walls and stub wall configuration is designed to with stand earthquakes and minimize the damage created by the impact.
Thursday, 03 December 2009 13:42


{pp}Cobiax South Africa recently exhibited at the second Green Building Exhibition at the CTICC.“We had a great show – the Cobiax system is relatively new in the market and the delegates and visitors were interested to hear more about the system,” explain Mike Kühne, Technical Director of Cobiax.
{pp}KEW Foundries has supplied sheave wheels to the Shaft Sinkers group, to be used on a project being conducted for the global chemical giant – EuroChem. The sheave wheels form part of the winder installation which will transport personnel, material and waste rock during the sinking phase. The project, located…
{pp}POSITIVE NEWS(From the desk of the CEO Marcel Deacon) Yes, you read correctly. There has been so much gloom & doom talk lately in newspapers, TV, radio, etc. and it's coming from all angles, not just bank officials.
{pp}The National Energy Regulator of South Africa’s (Nersa) approval of a 31.3% electricity price hike last week will have a significant impact on the owners of commercial property in South Africa, and by extension, their tenants. This is according to Rennie Property, South Africa’s leading specialist commercial property management company.
{pp}BEST MAN AWARDS 2009 - Science and Technology Catogory“A true leader and innovator in the field of science and technology, this is a man who is forging a new path, finding new answers and breaking ground.”
{pp}We are very proud and honoured to accept the following invitation received from Habitat for Humanity International to speak about the moladi approach to affordable housing delivery – patented and developed right here in South Africa.“Habitat for Humanity International is organizing the 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum to be held…

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