13 June 2022

Use Case for a Digital Assistant :: Making Client Appointments

Submitted by Oliver Nagaya
Use Case for a Digital Assistant :: Making Client Appointments

When it comes to appointment scheduling for your business, you need an appointment scheduling tool as dynamic and professional as you are. Whether you’re a healthcare practitioner or a solo entrepreneur scheduling meetings. All tasks that makeup booking management can easily eat into your precious working hours. 

We go through a use case for a digital assistant in our business automation software IsoEvolve- the making of client appointments.

What is a Digital Assistant? And Why is it Important? 

Oracle, one of the biggest IT companies in the world, defines a digital assistant as a “predictive chatbot” that can handle complex questions, recommendations or conversations. The important thing to observe is that the assistant should in some way help you to do tasks within the business. Secondly, digital implies that it’s not a physical person. In some automated fashion, you can handle processes or questions in your business. In a typical business, a client requesting an appointment is a common daily occurrence. A service provider will normally handle these conversations or requests by having a receptionist, a physical or personal assistant, taking the phone call themselves or taking the message and contacting the client or the prospective client at a later stage. Coming back to the digital assistant discussion, if this wasn’t a physical person and if it wasn’t a receptionist or personal assistant, how would the business then take that appointment request from prospective clients? 

Is there an Easier Way to Manage Client Appointments?

In our business automation software,IsoEvolve, we’ve pondered this question and this particular use case for our clients. We have solved the problem by introducing a digital assistant functionality into the software. And I’d love to show you how this can work for you. Setup a demo session with our team by using the details below, so that we can show you how this functionality can be handled with ease in our software.

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