20 September 2018


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Cape Town, South Africa – The highly esteemed EFC athlete Sibusiso Mdoko was attacked in a vicious car-jacking attempt in the Cape Town suburb of Dunoon on Sunday, 02 September.

Mdoko was set upon by multiple assailants with knives and broken bottles. They attempted to steal his car and gain his bank account information. Mdoko lost consciousness during the attack.

Mdoko was transported to hospital where Constantia Insurance Group, official partner to the EFC organisation, have agreed to assist with Mdoko’s medical costs.

Although injured with multiple stab wounds, Mdoko is in a stable condition.

“We were shocked to hear the news,” said EFC president Cairo Howarth. “Sibusiso has competed with us for many years, he is a courageous athlete and role model to many. He had also just begun a new career as an electrician, a double blow to an already horrendous situation.”

Howarth went on to thank Constantia Insurance Group who have kindly assisted Mdoko with his medical costs, despite their partnership agreement being tied to in-competition injury only.

“As soon as we heard we contacted Constantia and explained the situation,” said Howarth. “Constantia didn’t hesitate, making funds available to assist Sibusiso.”

Mdoko has undergone several scans which have revealed no permanent internal damage, although a potentially severed tendon in his hand will receive further assessment and treatment tomorrow, 6 September.

“We are extremely glad to be able to assist such a remarkable man and athlete,” said Constantia Insurance Group CEO Volker von Widdern. “We wish him an excellent recovery, and are monitoring the situation.”

Mdoko recently qualified as an electrician, and is currently working in an intern capacity to gain experience. His injuries have stalled both those aspirations and his continuing career as an athlete.

Friends have created a BackABuddy campaign, where those that would like to assist can make a contribution toward helping Sibusiso as he recovers. To assist Mdoko with any amount, please donate here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/lets-back-mdoko

“This has been a very difficult time,” said Mdoko. “I appreciate everybody’s support and concern, and would like to thank Constantia Insurance for helping me to get the right medical care. I’m looking forward to getting back to fitness, and back to doing what I love.”

“We are in contact with Sibusiso, and can’t wait to see him back to full health,” said Howarth. “This is an awful situation, and once again Sibusiso has shown the courage and determination that make such a wonderful person and athlete.”

Further details on Mdoko’s condition will be released when they are available.


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