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SA’s Number 1 Liver Supplement Launches New Formulation

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SA’s Number 1 Liver Supplement Launches New Formulation

Sanofi Consumer Health has launched Essentiale Extreme, an improved formulation with 300mg of Essential Phospholipids (EPLs) per capsule - the building blocks of cellular membranes. The EPLs in Essentiale Extreme improves liver cell membrane regeneration and helps to support vital functions of the liver.  The “work-horse” liver cells that is responsible for most of the metabolism, occurs on the liver cell membranes, therefore making the cell membranes a vital part of liver function.

According to Alta Janse van Rensburg, a pharmacist and facilitator for the S. Buys Academy, your liver is one of the hardest working organs in your body; it has more than 500 different functions. In fact, we can survive just one to two days if it shuts down. She explains, “It is your body’s engine, pantry, refinery, food processor, garbage disposal and ‘guardian angel’; it detoxifies everything you eat, breathe and absorb through your skin; it converts the food you eat into energy; it helps to regulate blood clotting, stores vitamins, minerals and sugars and regulates cholesterol and fat stores; it produces bile that helps you digest your food and absorb important nutrients; it neutralises and destroys harmful substances, including alcohol; it helps you resist infection, and filters bacteria from your blood.”

“Your lifestyle often leads to reduced liver function. A supplement used in combination with healthy life choices, e.g. limiting alcohol and/or fatty food intake, may assist to replenish what your lifestyle takes away from your body – especially the liver” . “Essentiale Extreme contains 300 mg of Essential Phospholipids (EPLs) per capsule. EPLs help to improve liver cell membrane regeneration and stabilisation and therefore improve liver function.”

EPLs have been cited as one of the most important support nutrients for the liver. When liver cells are damaged, their cell membranes lose phospholipids. EPLs can also be found in food products such as soybeans, egg yolk, milk and seafood. Although dietary EPLs can be obtained from your normal diet, the modern average diet does not contain an optimal amount of EPLs.

To get the same daily dose of EPLs as in Essentiale Extreme you would need to consume in excess of 1,000 chicken eggs or over 13 litres of milk per day.

Janse van Rensburg advocates the following healthier lifestyle habits to protect your liver:

Eat healthy: A healthy diet that is rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains will go a long way in helping maintain a healthy liver.
Be active: Aim for a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week, this will also assist in weight-loss if needed. Protect your liver: Avoid things that will put extra stress on your liver, for instance limit alcohol and fatty food intake, and follow instructions on all medications and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. “Your liver isn’t just a silent partner; it’s your best friend, so give it the love it deserves by supplementing daily with Essentiale Extreme,” concludes Janse van Rensburg.

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