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Saturday, 15 February 2014 13:43

Private portland personal training studio is now expanding to add more space to their facility

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The Studio is now expanding their facility to allow more clients experience Kisar Dhillon’s The Art of Personal Training. They are also hiring an additional personal trainer.
Portland, Oregon, PRWEB, Monday, December 23, 2013:

Private Portland Personal Training Studio is now expanding the space of their facility that would allow more clients to enjoy Kisar Dhillon’s The Art of Personal Training. They are planning to hire additional personal trainer in Portland for more personalized training sessions to help individual clients.
According to a spokesperson of the facility, “We are serving this sector for more than a decade and know the requirement of fitness programs to stay fit. We are expanding the space of Private Portland Personal Training Studio to allow more clients experience the Art of Personal Training chalked out by Kisar Dhillon.”
The physical training facility is offering exclusive service since 17 years. They meet daily operations related to requirements of personal training at private levels. The facility also has provisions for tools to make a positive impact on every client.
The spokesperson added, “We are also hiring an additional Portland personal trainer to assist clients in a better way. We deploy various advanced fitness equipments to assist advanced physical training programs and even personalize them according to individual requirements of our clients.”
The facility offers membership to clients of every age, irrespective to gender. The trainers lay stress to maintain overall wellness and health based on full-functional fitness programs. They also strive to make exercise regime a fun-filled experience.
According to Nicole Simpson, a new member “I heard of the fitness facility of our area through one of my friends. I joined here recently and feeling great now. The trainers are very helpful. The equipments are world-class in nature.”
The fitness facility recruits experienced trainers to assist clients. Experienced personal trainer in Portland Oregon always assists in various cardio exercises to help clients tone, sculpt and even lose excess weight through simple yet, effective processes.

About: Private Portland Personal Training Studio is an active training facility that offers exclusive and personalized physical fitness programs. They are now expanding their space to allow more clients the privilege to enjoy Art of Personal Training by Kisar Dhillon. For details, visit

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