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Saturday, 23 July 2011 14:29

Bryan Habana and 1,802 kids spread the message, not the germs

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It’s a record! In celebration of Global Handwashing Day, Bryan Habana together with 1,802 students from Edenglen and Eastleigh Primary Schools (in Gauteng) set a new Guinness World Records’TM total for the largest number of people washing their hands in a single venue. What’s more, each one of these children, along with the Springbok rugby star, participated in creating two beautiful hand-painted murals of the South African flag – all the more reason to wash their hands afterwards!
As part of their campaign to increase awareness about the importance of hygiene, Protex, along with brand ambassador, Bryan Habana, set out to achieve this record while also educating the public about the spread of germs. Since June, they’ve signed up one million kids who took part in Global Handwashing Day by pledging that they would also wash their hands at eleven o’ clock, the same time as the record attempt. Says Habana of the morning’s achievement, “To be able to be involved in this campaign is a way of making this country a better place to live – our children need to be aware of good hygiene and how important it is.”

Guinness World Records adjudicator Carl Saville, who flew out from the UK, ensured that the stringent Guinness World Records’ guidelines were followed and the necessary criteria were met. “It was a pleasure to see such a well-organised record attempt for such a good cause and message,” says Saville.

This was a worthy initiative indeed and all in the name of a successful record attempt that has helped to educate people and ultimately, to save lives. Mr Cyprian Mazubane, Chief Director, National Sanitation Programme Unit, Department of Water and Forestry, and his team were delighted to take part in the initiative, “The event was a huge success and we hope it will help spread the word and not the germs.”

Keep your eyes (and hands) open for more events in the Protex national handwashing campaign, “Gimme 5 for Germ-free Hands”. Remember the five steps to germ-free hands:
1) Wet your hands and soap up
2) Rub and scrub the inside and outside of your hands
3) Including your wrists, under your nails and between every finger
4) Rinse well
5) Dry with a clean cloth

Guinness World Records 2010 (ISBN Number: 9781904994497) is be available in all leading bookshops for R250.00 and features last year’s South African record for the longest kebab of 2,1m, set by ArcelorMittal Newcastle Works.

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