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THANKS TO HIS WEIGHT LOSS, PEET SNYMAN CAN NOW CYCLE WITH HIS WIFE something that he has always wanted to do

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THANKS TO HIS WEIGHT LOSS, PEET SNYMAN CAN NOW CYCLE WITH HIS WIFE something that he has always wanted to do

Meet Peet Snyman, a 56-year old happily married man, with two sons. Peet used to be a great rugby player for the Blue Bulls and was looked at as a candidate to become part of the Springboks, until he suffered a life changing knee injury. Peet had a stroke as a direct result of the stress from his injury, causing him to gain weight and resulting in him not being able to walk properly or to exercise.

In 2019, Peet decided to join The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle programme. When he first walked into one of The Diet Everyone Talks About clinics, he was using a pair of crutches as he couldn’t walk properly due to his weight he couldn’t walk properly due to his weight. He urgently needed a knee replacement but had to lose 20 kg for that to happen.

In September, he went to the hospital for the knee replacement operation as he had lost some weight. The doctor told him that due to his weight loss, the procedure was not urgent anymore and that he should come back in nine months. In October, he fulfilled one of his biggest dreams by doing his first 21 km cycling race with his wife.

Before joining The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle programme, Peet used to weigh 172 kg’s. With focus and dedication, he lost an amazing 40kg’s and now weighs and impressive 132 kg’s.

Peet’s weight loss story is an inspirational one. “I feel very happy, energetic and I love what I see when I look in the mirror,” he says. Peet says that he enjoyed being on The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle programme as he still got to enjoy all the good, tasty food that he loves – he just had to control his portions.

The Diet Everyone Talks About is more than just a diet programme, it is a lifestyle which is easy to maintain, especially if you are disciplined, determined and focused. Not only is it not hard to live by, it is also the best way to achieve your weight loss goals,” adds Peet.

He says that before his great weight loss, he lacked energy and could not do anything that required him to be physically active. Peet now enjoys cycling and exercising as he feels more energetic. Peet’s amazing weight loss results resulted in him being the weight loss winner for The Diet Everyone Talks About weight loss competition, September 2019.

A lot of people that know Peet are really impressed by his weight loss. They always ask him how he managed to achieve his weight loss results and he refers them to Annemarie, the clinician from the Centurion diet clinic.

He now cooks for his family when he’s at home as this is also something that he enjoys a lot. “I am so thankful for the support that I received from Annemarie. Her support helped me push through my weight loss journey. It is a privilege for me to be part of a company’s mission. The passion and compassion that Annemarie has in her diet presentation and the enthusiasm she has when dealing with clients is contagious,” concludes Peet.

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Notes to the Editor
The Diet Everyone Talks About is a scientific carbohydrate controlled 10-week lifestyle programme that is only accessible at select pharmacies and beauty clinics by professional clinicians and has been utilised by people for over 30 years.When you attend your first meeting with the clinician you will be weighed, your BMI (body mass index) will be calculated , and a guideline of what foods you can eat as well as what must be eaten in moderation will be drawn up for you. During this consultation, the clinician will also discuss relevant and sensitive matters such as why you are overweight and how much weight you could expect to lose. These weekly meetings with the clinician, as well as having weekly weight loss goals will assist you in staying motivated and staying on the diet programme.

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