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Thursday, 21 March 2019 12:48

Thrive Fitness Open Day

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Thrive Fitness Open Day

Thrive Fitness opened its doors this month in Hout Bay. Purely local, run by Hout Bay residents for Hout Bay residents.  

It’s a new concept gym that consists of 4 zones, with 4 stations each working out 4 areas of the body to synchronised music and lighting. All without any monthly contracts or sign up fees, simply book per class online. 

This Saturday is their open day - not only free to all but if you attend you get an extra 3 free sessions. Plus giveaways, smoothies and music by DJ Moran. So spend 45 min on yourself this weekend and head on down to 31 Victoria Avenue, Hout Bay.

About Thrive Fitness
Our goal isn’t focused on how much weight you lose or how much muscle you gain. Our goal – no! - our dream - is to help you advance and thrive, by creating a supportive and inclusive space where you meet and nurture your best self.
Our Approach - it's all about fun - Ready? OK… let’s go! Our experienced trainers lead 45-minute group classes where they create a full-body workout like no other, targeting four main areas with each workout - upper and lower body, cardio and core. Each class is capped at 16 people, so the trainer can check your form to ensure optimal results and prevent injuries. Want more personal attention? We offer one-on-one training too! Let us know if you’re keen.
Thrive is a judgment-free zone. Our down-to-earth community is made up of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels where each member works towards their own goal at a level they’re comfy with.

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We are in the process of registering our organisation as an NPO. The first of it’s kind in this industry. By collaborating with me you are also investing in community training and employment.

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