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Wednesday, 18 July 2018 15:22

The Real Power Behind Successful Addiction Recovery

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Cape Town Rehab Centre

Recovery Direct is one of the most exclusive psychological and addiction treatment centres in South Africa. Nestling in a quiet Constantia road, flanked by rolling vineyards, ancient oaks and the breath-taking grandeur of the Constantiaberg mountains, the centre offers a perfect and tranquil environment for recovery. Stunning multi-functional suites, each decked out in Victorian colonial style with en-suite bathrooms, balconies and panoramic views, offer outstanding accommodation for guests who want an upmarket and comfortable rehab experience.

Recovery Direct was founded by Vaughan Pankhurst, who recognised the need for a novel approach to addiction treatment after he had successfully completed his own nine-year own journey into long-term recovery. Vaughan realised early on that trauma lies at the heart of addiction, and his centre is unique in that it consciously addresses the underlying traumatic issues on which addiction feeds. As such, it challenges the stigmas surrounding addiction and substance use by focusing its treatment approach around the belief that the effects of trauma lead people to become addicts.

This approach contrasts with other rehabilitation centres in that Recovery Direct does not follow a 12-step programme in its treatment methodology. This non-punitive approach is intentional – it enables the centre and its healthcare workers to focus on resolving clients ‘problems by addressing the trauma and pain that drove them to addiction. It also carefully dismantles the destructive forces driving their addictions. Patients are required to see their counsellors every day, as opposed to once or twice a week. This regularity fast-tracks the healing process and enables recovery goals to be achieved sooner.

The centre is eco-friendly and environmentally conscious – electricity is produced by energy-efficient solar panels, and water is provided by a natural spring.

The exclusive rehab treats a wide spectrum of conditions, from alcoholism, drug addiction, anxiety and mood disorders to depression, gambling and food related addictions. It also helps clients who have eating disorders, issues related to sexual addiction, codependency, narcissistic abuse, trauma and PTSD. Its programs also cover panic disorder, pain management, obsessive-compulsive disorders, phobias, grief, personality disorders, relationship issues, stress and burnout.

The centre also directs its efforts at ensuring sustainable recovery and life outside of rehab, which is why the aftercare and the outpatient programme are particularly strong.


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