26 September 2016

Sex Toy Industry Booming in South Africa

Submitted by Shane
Sex Toy Industry Booming in South Africa

The sex toy industry is alive and well in South Africa. This is according to research released by the Statistic Brain Research Institute, South Africa has the 3rd highest number of sex toy related searches placing just after the UK and US.

That's a lot of searches considering South Africa's population is much smaller (52.98 million) compared to the US (318.9 million) and the UK (64.1 million). The global sex toy industry is valued at an estimated R240 Billion rand. 

"SA couples are increasingly open and exploring their sexuality, sex toys are no longer associated with dark back alleys" says Shane Maguire of newly launched FUQ.co.za (A local online shop dedicated to adult wares) "People are no longer shy about the use of toys and more and more couples are turning to toys to spice up their sex lives."

According to statistic brain, the women's vibrator is the most popular sex toy with around 20% of all purchases relating to this. The percantage of women between 18 and 60 who reported having used a sex toy is a whopping 44%.

References: Statistic Brain

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