25 July 2022

Making a Difference with Every Sip - Coffee for Charity

Submitted by Steven Giddings
Making a Difference with Every Sip - Coffee for Charity

Could every cup of delicious coffee you drink bring some warmth and comfort to those less fortunate than yourself?

It was a question that ex-Springbok rugby captain John Smit pondered when thinking of ways his John Smit Foundation could raise funds for The Bobbi Bear Foundation which supports sexually abused children, LIV Village who look after orphaned and vulnerable children, and The Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players Fund, which was set up to care for seriously injured rugby players as well as many others in need.

Knowing how many people love coffee, John knew he was onto something, and he recalls that he “turned to Famous Brands Coffee Company because they produce coffee South Africans enjoy every day at Mugg & Bean, Wimpy, Vovo Telo and other Famous Brands franchises, and I knew if anyone could develop a great blend that would appeal to coffee drinkers, it was them!”

“We were extremely happy to collaborate with John on developing a special coffee blend” recalls Brian Best, the MD of Famous Brands Coffee Company, “and so we developed Barney’s Blend as a coffee we felt would appeal to the majority of South African coffee drinkers”. Why Barney’s Blend you ask? Well that’s simply because John’s foundation is more affectionately known as “Barney’s Army.”

Profits from the sale of Barney’s Blend go to the John Smit Foundation and John says, “it’s a way of finding comfort in a great cup of coffee while at the same time helping to give comfort to those less fortunate.” So whether at home or in the office, your cup of coffee can have influence far beyond your own enjoyment.

“I’d love to see companies supporting Barney’s Blend in their office coffee machines too, and to being able to publicly thank them for supporting Barney’s Army” says John. Coming from one of our most loved Springbok rugby captains, this might just be as good as the coffee!

You can find out more about the work of Barney’s Army at https://www.barneysarmy.co.za and to make a difference with every sip, simply go to https://beanonline.co.za to order Barney’s Blend online for fast delivery.

Contact: Brian Best
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