12 May 2022

Game. Sip. Match. It’s Ginbledon time!

Submitted by Nothando Chili
Game. Sip. Match. It’s Ginbledon time!

Wimbledon is around the corner and star tennis players are perfecting their serves. From reigning champion Novak Djokovic to newer talent like Casper Ruud and Paula Badosa, there is no doubt in this writer’s mind that this year’s tournament will be a real showstopper. While our star athletes prepare to take to the court, the rest of us must prepare to observe. An important endeavour indeed. After all, the crowd is as much on display during this world-class tournament as the athletes themselves.

Sitting courtside is a dream for many and a reality for only a select few. But do not feel disheartened – it is just as enjoyable to celebrate this most joyous occasion from the comfort of one’s own home.   If one does it right, that is. Yes, dear reader, while it may be Wimbledon time – lest we forget, it is also Ginbledon time. A time to entertain and socialise with one’s own social circle.

Adequate refreshments are crucial for social events of this calibre; it would be a travesty if one forgot to include the official gin of Wimbledon in one’s entertainment plans. So, to avoid embarrassment, this writer has composed a list of what to serve one’s guests.

For the relaxed royal… A Ginger Royale

A Ginger Royale is fit for royalty. The perfect Ginbledon guest list must include some royals; without them, the circle is incomplete. Best one prepare only the finest of gin cocktails for these important guests.

You’ll need: 40ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin; 10ml lime juice; 10ml ginger syrup; English sparkling wine, Champagne, or Prosecco; one orange twist (to garnish).

To make: combine the gin, ginger syrup and lime juice in an ice-filled shaker; shake well; double strain into a chilled flute; top with your favourite sparkler; garnish with an orange twist.

For the Hollywood star… A Dirty Martini

Without a star-studded guest list, one’s circle stands the risk of being labelled irrelevant. Nothing says “Hollywood” quite like a Dirty Martini. Serve this glamourous old-school favourite to ensure a celebrity presence at all of one’s future events.

You’ll need: 50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin; 10-15ml dry vermouth; 2 barspoons olive brine; a couple of olives.

To make: combine Sipsmith gin, dry vermouth and olive brine in an ice-filled mixing glass; stir for approximately 21 seconds; strain into a chilled cocktail glass and garnish with a few olives.

For the socialite… The Daisy

As has been noted, . One’s Ginbledon event must be the same. The Daisy suggests sophistication and status and is an excellent option to attract all the social butterflies out there.

You’ll need: 50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin; 25ml lemon juice; 10ml pomegranate syrup/grenadine; Soda water; seasonal berries (to garnish).

To make: shake Sipsmith gin, lemon juice and pomegranate syrup with ice; strain into an ice filled glass; top with soda water; garnish with seasonal berries and serve with a straw.

For the super fan… A Classic Gin & Tonic.

Finally, and most importantly, where would Wimbledon (or Ginbledon) be without a plethora of loyal fans around the globe? The humble Gin & Tonic is a timeless classic that has always paired well with tennis. A quality classic, for some quality fans.

You’ll need: 50ml Sipsmith London Dry Gin; 150ml Fever-Tree tonic water; a twist of fresh lime (to garnish).

To make: fill a highball glass with ice; add Sipsmith London Dry Gin; top with your choice of chilled, premium tonic water; lift from the bottom of the glass with a stirrer to gently combine together; garnish with a twist of fresh lime.

Happy Ginbledon, dear reader! Follow these instructions closely, for we have but once a year to celebrate this occasion in the proper fashion. And remember, when life gives you limes… make a gin and tonic!

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