19 August 2019

The Egger Decorative Collection

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The Egger Decorative Collection


August 2019

The Egger Decorative Collection - As elegant as real wood - but without the price tag.

Wood, with all its elegant, interesting grains and warm natural colours, gives cabinetry a timeless, classic finish that’s unrivaled in beauty, adding value to your home. From kitchen, to bedroom and bathroom cupboards and doors, wood is a stately material that provides a cachet beyond compare. While many would argue that nothing beats the beauty of wooden cupboards - the budget of a solid wood door is for many - simply unaffordable. Excitingly, advances in man-made products, like the new and imported Egger Decorative Collection from Dezign A Door, ensures a premium wood look can be achieved without the price tag.

A highly versatile, customizable, superior quality product, the Egger Decorative Collection includes sleek yet robust laminate products, compact laminates and Eurodekor MFC (Melamine Faced Chipboard) options. Where real wood is in a constant state of expansion and contraction relative to the environment’s humidity, this range remains essentially maintenance-free and doesn’t require a period of acclimatization.  It also won’t warp. 

Colours, Textures and Finishes

According to Dezign A Door managing director Arnold Jardim, the combination of plain colours with texture continues to be popular. “It adds a bit of character to an otherwise neutral palette and with a broad range of classic colours to choose from – there’s a look and feel for every vision. The featured colours and natural elements of this range make the finish look particularly authentic,” he says.

There are variations of oak, (with new interpretations of classics among new colour tones) elm, larch, and of course the trendy wood type pine. Jardim adds that with linen looks especially avant-garde – there’s also a diverse range of textile reproductions to choose from. “The use of concrete or metal reproductions in furniture and interior design has grown stronger in recent years. Primarily used for worktops, they are increasingly popular for doors, drawer and carcasses for kitchen, bedroom and living room furniture, as well as in many commercial projects. For this reason the Egger range features 10 different finishes that mimic concrete and metal, including among others, rust, granite, bronze, dark and light concrete.”

Another benefit of the Egger range is its verified green credentials – available on request.

Comprehensive Solutions in Matching Products

The Eurodekor MFC range is ideal for cupboards, wardrobes and wall paneling and offers the look and feel of solid wood, veneers, metals, stones and lacquer. It requires no oiling, staining, lacquering or further protection. The Feelwood range feature a double layer of paper that creates the depth and texture experienced with solid wood; an enhancement that adds to the overall thickness of the product.

The laminate range is highly durable – scratch resistant and an awesome option for both curved and straight applications. It’s ideal for media to high traffic areas where a hard wearing finish is required. The Feelwood XL product combines the texture of wood with the benefits of laminate. Compared to real materials – this is a resource conserving solution. On request they come in flame retardant quality.

An elegant solution for high traffic applications, the compact laminates in the range are moisture resistant, sleek and a hard wearing product ideal for bathrooms. With more than 180 décor and texture combinations to choose from there’s a compact laminate solution for everyone. 

Edgy Edging

Any man-made wood product needs edging and the Egger ABS edging for exposed edges delivers a sleek yet robust decorative finish in a variety of widths and thicknesses. It’s a chlorine-free thermoplastic edge that has a positive ecological balance. It is available in a variety of widths and thicknesses specifically manufactured to achieve the best match with coordinated products. For consistency, the colour and texture of the board can be matched – but for those who seek an edgy design feature – there’s accent edging.

“The combination of cupboards that look and feel like wood, with polished stainless steel appliances and glossy stone countertops adds richness to a kitchen and value to a home. With Egger’s wide and versatile repertoire of solutions and huge variety of combinations, it’s easy to meet cupboard and décor dreams - for kitchens to bedrooms - and every room in between,” says Jardim.

Whether stripy and elegant, knotty and rustic, light or dark, wood is as diverse as it is timeless. The Egger Decorative Collection offers authentic wood look-alike solutions that are in-vogue and in budget. 

For further information – go to: http://www.dezignadoor.co.za/.

From classic to contemporary, Dezign A Door manufactures customised doors for any kind of cupboard - from kitchens to bedrooms, bathrooms and more. The cabinetry company also manufactures drawer fronts and interior doors in wood, special finishes, glass and aluminum. The decision to use European high quality materials guarantees consistency, speed, versatility, and a superior product but at local prices. State of the art technology is used to execute truly intricate specifications and when it comes to colour, the full range of cut to order products can be made in, or matched to, any colour.  Visit www.dezignadoor.co.za or go to Facebook.