07 April 2020

The Covid-19 Lockdown is the Perfect Time to Plan Long Overdue Renovations to Your Home

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
The Covid-19 Lockdown is the Perfect Time to Plan  Long Overdue Renovations to Your Home

Being stuck at home for 21 days has spurred many South Africans into action to tackle that long overdue sorting of cupboards in the home, garages etc, painting, general fixing in and around the house, and has produced quite a few DIY ‘experts’ according to posts on social media. But what about those long overdue renovations you always had at the back of your mind, now suddenly becoming a necessity the more time you spend at home, or are forced to work from home, etc. the kitchen and the bathroom? Now is the perfect time to sit down and spend some time looking at various design options such as those offered by Morley Miller.

Who is Morley Miller?

“Innovation comes from the road and the observation of it, not the destination of the road.” – Richard Morley

Morley Miller is a leading exclusive Kitchen and Bathroom Designers Company situated in Umhlanga serving the areas in and around Durban, Kwa Zulu Natal with intelligent design of stunning interior spaces. Those areas include Ballito, North Coast, Salt Rock, Hillcrest, Kloof.  Morley Miller is more than a design studio. They fulfill the function of your personal guide in a design journey that ends with you experiencing a whole new exciting chapter in your life rather than just having a ‘make over’ of or a new addition added to your living space.

The services of Morley Miller include approaching the design project in an overall holistic way, manufacturing a as well as installation. Whether you are looking for a new kitchen design, bathroom design or cellar added to your bar, the design will be fully functional and look spectacular.

Kitchen Design by Morley Miller

Everyone of us has our own personal view of what the ideal kitchen should look like. Morley Miller excels at creating kitchen designs for all types – the minimalist and the cluttered-look view. The one constant with Morley Miller clients is the requirement for a modern looking kitchen. If this is your ideal look too, Morley Miller certainly is your go-to designers for a kitchen (or bathroom) space that is design functional and can be updated in future should the need arise.

Apart from being the heart of the home where family members can gather around making meals and socialize, a kitchen tend to serve many purposes in a home – for some it has to include a work space (for which the need has dramatically increased during Coronavirus lockdown). Kitchen design by Morley Miller combines practical design with your ideas & the basic concepts of a modern kitchen to create a space that is unique to you and your family, but still has all the elements of a modern-day kitchen.

Attention to the finest of details that results in a fully functional final project that add value to their clients' lifestyle is what set Morley Miller apart from the rest. Visit their website for more information or contact them @ 072 783 6729 /email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.