Friday, 30 November 2012

Helping individuals find their individuality

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When it comes to the business of make-up, there is only one name in Cape Town, Anneline Black. With over 15 years' experience and a media profile that tracked every step of her illustrious career, Anneline has become celebrity in her own right and her name a household one when it comes to transformation through hair, make-up and style. One look at Anneline paints a perfect picture of style and the first impression you get is one that everyone aspires to.

Highly lauded with a string of accolades, Anneline's passion for business and transformation have earned her, amongst others, no less than two nominations for the prestigious Shoprite/Checkers Woman of the Year Awards and a finalist award as a Regional Business Achiever for the Women's Business Association.

Even as a teenager, Anneline stood out from the crowd with perfectly shaped eyebrows and a pout that earned her the title of "lipstick Queen" at the age of thirteen. Since then Anneline has appeared on TV as the official style guru on SABC 2's Pasella, a guest consultant on One-TV and has also been featured on the Power Within, a programme showcasing women who are successful because they have found their passion.

At Anneline Black Studios the ethos is centered around the power of transformation and the belief in finding out who you want to be, and using the metamorphosis of make-up, hair & personal styling to help you become that person.

Anneline's business is about much more than slapping on make-up and wearing red instead of brown or black and she believes that a truly successful transformation needs to be more than skin deep.

1st Impression - Anneline's latest offering -  is a workshop that carries out Anneline's holistic approach when it comes to transformation. She says "make-up and image are only really the conduit by which people arrive at change. When they look at themselves in the mirror and see a different picture it can unlock a deeper change – and that is what is really satisfying."

"1st Impression" takes a closer look at your psyche and helps your rediscover yourself through body language, the psychology of colour, body shape, accessories, male grooming and the power of make-up. Whether you choose a corporate style makeover that aims to create a better reflection of your company brand or a personal one that helps you create a better first impression, it's a formula that clearly works. One that helps individuals find their individuality.

Anneline has travelled a long, and at times, very winding road to reach her goals and nothing makes her happier than seeing the new found confidence and glamour her students and clients exude.

For more information call 021 447 6284.