Thursday, 14 May 2009

Cherry Fold-Up Ballet Flats

{pp}The Cherry Brand is all about delivering fabulous, fun and practical items for the modern woman. The Cherry Handbag Organiser™, South Africa’s original handbag insert, was launched in May 2008 and has been a huge success - it’s in 10 countries already!

Now The Cherry Brand is proud to unveil its newest darling – Cherry FUPS™.

No, you’re not being sworn at! It stands for Fold-Ups. They are satin ballet flats which have a specially designed sole to enable them to fold up in half. The elasticised trim ensures a perfect and comfortable fit and they come in a small zipped pouch that unfolds into a full size shopper to carry those heels– talk about prêt-a-porter.

Barefoot is fab on the beach but not so elegant at your best friend’s wedding, while cashing in your freebie upgrade into business class, or when asked to “step out of your vehicle ma’am”. So what is a girl to do? Well, in true Cherry Brand fashion, you simply take off your killer heels, whip out the ultra compact pouch and take out your super-glam Cherry Fold Up Ballet Flats™ and swap your shoes in a hot Cherry second! Grab a pair of Cherry Fold-Up Ballet Flats™ and stash them in your Cherry Handbag Organiser™, your desk drawer, your car, your laptop bag etc and whenever you need a gorgeous pair of flats simply unzip, unfold, slip-on ....all done!

The Cherry Fold-Up Ballet Flats is the answer to not going barefoot when those heels just have to go. Be kind to your feet, they take you places! Available in 3 sizes: Small (sizes 3-4), Medium (sizes 5-6) and Large (sizes 7-8) and 2 colours: Black and Champagne RSP R230.00

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