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The Top 10 Skincare Influencers to watch in 2021

Top 10 Skinfluencers to watch in 2021

The top 10 skincare influencers to watch rise in 2021 are Anarzade Omar, Dineo Jeniffer Mapoma, Esihle Ndleleni, Katleho Motaung, Khwezi Madlala, Lesego Mogonediwa, Ofentse Lekwane, Ofentse Molefe, Simone Kruger and Sue Mokoena Durban, South Africa.

The top 10 nano skincare influencers to watch rise in 2021 were selected by global skincare brand, NIVEA, in their latest campaign “Skinfluencer”, as an initiative that aims to uplift and empower young women into careers as an influencers. This competition comes at a time when South Africa has seen an unprecedented rise in the unemployment rate, with women bearing the greatest brunt of the trend. Turning a passion for social media and content creation can grow into a self-led business with earning potential when managing one’s image and brand associations in a professional way.  “NIVEA aligns with nano-influencers, whose messages are authentic and they interact with their communities in highly personal way.  Through NIVEA Skinfluencer, we aim to identify women with a talent for content creation and help open doors for them.

The winners have worked closely with the brand and we have guided them in honing their skills over the last 12 months,” says NIVEA Marketing Manager, Mpume Ngwenya.   The 10 Skinfluencers have worked with NIVEA agency partners on campaigns, participated in photo shoots and attended regular online tutorials with a variety of professionals guiding them through the multiple disciplines. The tutorials included photography and videography skills, use of apps, tips and tricks to grow your following, styling, make up, modelling, managing your own brand and insights into the NIVEA brand as well as the beauty world.  They have received personalised coaching with some of the most successful influencers in South Africa.

The Top 10 Skincare Influencers To Watch Rise in 2021 are:

  • Khwezi Madlala Instagram handle: @khwezilokusa_m “My most precious accessory is my smile.”  Khwezi Madlala is 20 years old and comes from Pietermaritzburg in KZN. She is currently, studying Politics and Industrial Sociology at the University of Cape Town (UCT). “I have had the most interesting journey with my skin, which has led me to the realisation that self-love is the first secret to happiness. My skin is not perfect, neither am I, so I have chosen to love it with its imperfections.” Khwezi is one to follow with her fun, informative and inspirational content. Content “about skincare with the sole purpose of inspiring women to fiercely and passionately love their skin.” As a young black woman in South Africa she is, in her own words, “purposeful in grabbing opportunities and doing my best to make sure that I uplift others in the process.” Follow Khwezi as she ambitiously figures out how to reach her full potential.

  • Sue MokoenaInstagram handle: @sue.mokoena “It’s always a good day to look good.”  Sue Mokoena is a 21-year-old from Johannesburg, studying towards her Urban and Regional Planning honours degree at the University of Witwatersrand. As a skincare influencer, she is focused onraising awareness of the importance of skincare and taking care of one’s skin even though life is fast paced and often stressful.” An enthusiastic fitness guru, Sue is attracted to initiatives that see women coming to the fore and unshackling their restrictions and the limited scope, placed on them by society. Follow Sue as you see her contagious energy for seizing chances, increasing her skills, growing her following and gaining invaluable experience along the way.

  • Esihle Ndleleni Instagram handle: @esihlendleleni “Being an influencer means being true to the people who look up to you.” Esihle Ndleleni is a 21-year-old aspiring actress originally from the Eastern Cape. She is studying live performance at AFDA in Cape Town. Shy-by-nature, Esihle has decided she cannot afford to be in the shadows anymore and needs to step boldly into the limelight. Since the age of 12, Esihle has been committed to outreach, helping to build houses for the homeless, a noble cause that has remained a motivator for her own success. When asked about being an influencer, Esihle said: “being an influencer means being true to the people who look up to you. It means being real with yourself and not putting up a facade. It means being relatable to your followers, so it can show everyone that their dreams are possible too.” Esihle loves camping and any activity that sees her out in mother nature. She yields inspiration from architecture and interior design. Follow Esihle to see her throw off her fear and become even more comfortable putting herself out there and unlearning her timid ways.

  • Ofentse LekwaneInstagram handle: @ofentse lekwane “Known as Fancy Face to her friends, Ofentse Lekwane uses her platform to advocate for a more diverse beauty.” Ofentse Lekwane is a 32-year-old operations manager from the mining town of Bapong, currently residing in Pretoria. Ofentse is driven to bring diversity to the story of beauty and skin. Adding a much-needed layer to the story of inclusion and disability and rewriting the narrative around the concept of beauty. She brings a desire to help others overcome their own negative self-talk, after working through the experience on her own. Ofentse is inspired to use her platform to be a positive role model contributing to conversations around mainstream beauty and challenging beauty status quos. Follow ‘Fancy Face’ on her journey and see her fun-self shine through her content.

  • Anarzade OmarInstagram handle: @Anarzadeomar “I live to inspire and to leave every woman I come across feeling more confident and fearless.”  Anarzade is from the south of Johannesburg and is motivated by the impact she has on the lives of others. Every message she receives from her followers about the positive influence she has made in their lives touches her. She sees every day as an opportunity for her to learn and grow. Anarzade is 22 years old and is a strategic communications graduate, who is working in Marketing. She has a great passion for beauty and lifestyle. Anarzade made it as far as the Top 15 of Miss SA 2020. When asked about not making it into the top 10 of the pageant she said: “absolutely everything happens for a reason” although “it took a lot of time alone and reflection to recover. No one takes rejection easily, but time and patience heals a lot of wounds.” Currently, her greatest challenge is overcoming the disappointment she feels in herself when she makes a mistake or does something wrong. A very relatable and authentic hurdle for her to rise beyond. Follow her inspiring and heart-warming journey of self-love and self-acceptance.

  • Lesego MogonediwaInstagram handle: @peaches.za “I’m shy and socially awkward but let me get used to you and I will have the biggest mouth.”  Lesego Mogonediwa, known as Peaches, is a 20-year-old aviation student and YouTuber. Lesego has lived in Johannesburg all her life and has an established YouTube Channel which she uses to shares feminine health tips. Lesego is jumpstarting her influencing career and is looking forward to showcasing to the world her uncapped potential. When asked how being an influencer matters to her, she said: “It means now that I’m a role model, I can help women out there feel confident in their own skin.” She went on to say “What motivates me to succeed in the career that lies ahead of me is definitely my passion for content creation. I absolutely love photography & videography, especially the editing process, it’s a liberating feeling seeing your visions come to life.” Follow Lesego to see her express her creativity and share her knowledge.

  • Dineo Jeniffer MapomaInstagram handle: @dineo_jeniffer “Skincare is one of the most important things that a dancer needs.” Dineo Jeniffer Mapoma, known as Jineo, is a 20-year-old dancer, studying performing arts in Pretoria. “As a young performer, I struggle with the day-to-day challenges of looking good on stage. Wearing stage make up, every day, gives me skin problems, like skin sensitivity and irritation. It is a big concern for me.” Accepting failure and having hope in the things that come ahead is what Jineo is working towards. She believes overcoming this is more than just resilience, it is about seeing yourself through a lens no one else can see you through. Having self-introspection, self-love and self-motivation. Women not only want to look good, but they want to feel good in themselves too. Jineo’s messaging and strength comes from unharnessing society's power over her. Daily, she throws off the chains of societal pressure, on what she should look like and what is acceptable in the norms of the millennial, to embrace her true self. Follow Jineo to feel confident in your own skin and learn routines that will work in your busy lifestyle.

  • Ofentse MolefeInstagram handle: @Phenni_m “I’m abstaining from self-doubt”  Ofentse Molefe, is a 25-year-old educator who grew up in “awesome Soweto” and currently resides in Soweto, Protea North.  Nicknamed “Fenni”, Ofentse has a passion for photography and helping women ignite their most radiant skin. Ofentse is an empathetic person who thrives off sparking the fire of power in youth. She is committed to overcoming the imposter syndrome that deviates her from her life’s work of “enriching others through social engagement, photography, creativity and innovation.” This family-woman gets her support and strength from the union and intention of those closest to her. She has an interest in the liberating activities of photography and exercising. Follow Ofentse to live into the fullness of your radiance.

  • Katleho MotaungInstagram handle:  @Katleho_Motaung_ “I’ve turned my flaws into superpowers.”  Katleho Motaung, is a 22-year-old financial accounting student born and raised in the small town of Frankfort in Free State. Kat, as she is fondly called, now resides in Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng. She is passionate about skincare and took a leap of faith in becoming a skincare influencer. When asked what motivates her Kat repsonded: What motivates me to succeed is my Mum, because I want her to experience the kind of lifestyle she couldn’t have when she was growing up”. Her mom and little sister are, not surprisingly, her greatest supporters. Follow Kat to see her expressing herself through her skincare routines and her interest in photography.

  • Simone KrugerInstagram handle: @simone_kruger_ “Every plant has its own requirements in order to grow and so do people.”  Simone Kruger is a 22-year-old Veterinary Science student who adores animals. Hailing from the small town of Hertzogville in the Free State, Simone is living in Pretoria for her studies at Tuks. A self-proclaimed “outdoorsy person” Simone loves nothing more than to be in nature, hiking or swimming. Through her work, as an influencer, Simone is driven to grow and become a better woman. She is doing this by taking the chances and risks she has previously been too cautious to take. By seeing herself through her friends’ eyes, Simone can believe in herself, when previously she would have doubted herself. Follow Simone to see her resolution unfold of taking up opportunities she would have passed on before.

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