Tuesday, 18 May 2021

Sparkling Roses with Pandora Timeless Style

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Sparkling Roses with Pandora Timeless Style

Pandora Timeless is offering elegant jewelry for an accessible price. With the Timeless collection, we want to democratize fine jewelry and position the assortment as the perfect sparkling gift to mark important occasions in life.

The new Pandora Timeless launch is an elegant and versatile collection featuring contemporary and classic designs with sparkling stones as their centerpiece. Ready to style for any occasion, these pieces are hand-finished in materials designed to last a lifetime.


No matter what the occasion, effortless elegance is always a win. The new designs joining the Pandora Timeless collection feature delicate, rose-inspired silhouettes for a modern yet classic look.

“The rose motif is new to the collection and represents the strength to flourish even when times are tough,” said Francesco Terzo and A. Filippo Ficarelli, VP Creative Directors, Pandora. “Aesthetically, the rose’s geometric shape complements the classic and contemporary visual language of the Pandora Timeless collection.”

Versatile and easy to style, the new pieces can be worn in sets, or mixed and matched for a unique look. Expertly crafted and hand-finished in quality materials, the delicate jewelry is designed to last a lifetime – a sparkling gift your loved one will keep forever

Shop the Timeless Rose collection online at www.pandorashop.co.za  in-store at Pandora nationwide.