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Easter with CHUX®

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Easter with CHUX®

CHUX® offers an extensive range of cleaning utensils to help you tackle any cleaning challenge around your home. Easter is the perfect moment to make a wonderful meal and spend quality time with your family. Cleaning up can be quick and easy. CHUX® can help!

Care for your dishware with CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourer Scrubs!

  • Use the CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourer Scrubs to wash all non-stick surfaces. Powerful enough to remove grease and grime, yet gentle enough to use on non-stick and delicate surfaces.
  • Plus, they’re fast drying and angled in shape to help clean hard to reach areas.
  • To avoid leaving your CHUX® Non-Scratch Scourer Scrub soaking wet after use, hang it on your tap faucet, using the unique tap-hang feature. 

CHUX® wishes you a Happy Easter! Now available in Dis-Chem too.

Chux® helps make the big chores smaller. Chux® offers an extensive range of quality cleaning accessories to help you tackle any cleaning challenge around your home.

Regardless of your preferred cleaning routine, no matter the mess ... there's a Chux® for whatever life Chux® at you.

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