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NannoTEK Revolutionises Laundry Softeners with new Eco Plant Based NannoSOFT

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NannoTEK Revolutionises Laundry Softeners with new Eco Plant Based NannoSOFT

NannoTEK in conjunction and collaboration with Rudolf Group, the German company specialised in innovative and high-quality chemical products, predominantly textile auxiliaries, products for textile care, have successfully formulated and developed a Laundry Softening Detergent but also embrace nature and introduce Durable Water Repellent performance entirely based on natural components.  Basically, we have a Plant Bio Based 3 in 1 Solution as a Fabric Softener. 100% Environmentally friendly, Stain Resistant, Hydrophobic properties, and 100% Anti-Bacterial properties utilising our Nano Silver Complex.

NannoSOFT is a phosphate free, biodegradable and eco-friendly liquid fabric softener which is made from natural plant-based components. It is natural in colour and does not contain any artificial colourants or dyes. NannoSOFT, is much kinder to the environment. The phosphates in conventional fabric softeners act as algae fertilizers that deplete the oxygen supply of water and effectively kill fish and other aquatic life.  The synthetic components in softener formulas drain out of washing machines and into groundwater, where they can not only contaminate drinking water supplies, but further negatively impact aquatic life.

Fabric softeners contain silicon which can compromise the immune system.

The main ingredient in many commercially produced fabric softeners is a fibre-lubricating silicone - based fluids such as siloxane and polydimethylsiloxane. Once this is transformed into synthetic compounds known as ‘silicones’ and introduced into the human body (via your skin) it can compromise the immune system, often with toxic effects. Biodegradable products dissolve and degrade in terms of days rather than years. The natural bio-degradation process involves the aerobic or anaerobic breaking down of organic substances by enzymes produced by living micro-organisms. Once a waste product has been biodegraded the resulting products can be used as food and energy by other micro-organisms.

The Addition of 2 New Technologies to the BIO Fabric Softener.

“Having a great biodegradable plant- based softener as a base, we required additional functionality to make our product more effective and unique in terms of what is available in the marketplace.” says Danny Joubert, Founder of NannoTEK SA. “We began doing research and found that adding Anti-Bacterial properties for Laundry would be an added benefit, but also giving the Softener Super Hydrophobic (Liquid Repellant) effects against every day spills and stains would be a game changer. Rudolf Group have developed an absolute breakthrough and the first Durable Water Repellent (DWR) agent based on plant-derived processing wastes. The Technology is made from natural waste that accumulates as by-product during the processing of cereal grains in the food industry. The leftover material that would otherwise be disposed of is refined to create a powerful water and stain repellent textile finish. Add our Nano Silver Complex which penetrate the fibres of the fabric, ensuring no bacteria or virus will be effective post laundry. Considering these factors we then effectively have a 3 in 1 Solution, Anti-Bacterial, Spill and Stain Resistant (Super Hydrophobic) and Eco Bio Degradable Plant Based which is then totally unique." says Danny Joubert.

"The most important thing people who are environmentally and eco conscious have to consider is, not just only the negative effects common used additives in conventional cleaning products. One has to know how harmful they really are. Our new Technologies used are entirely manufactured from natural sources that do not compete with human and/or animal nutrition. That is a factor most consumers have not or generally do not  even consider” says Joubert. “Our focus is on incorporating leading technology but most importantly the production of products which have a positive impact on production to the environment on numerous levels.”

“NannoTEK’s aim is to produce more effective consumer products which eliminate the use of harmful fluorine’s, phosphates and silicon-based products. Not only are they harmful to the environment but also toxic to humans causing numerous cancers and diseases which are on the increase. NannoSOFT is a step in the right direction, we are in testing phases of our Bio Laundry Detergent and Washing Powder which will then compliment the range. “Unlike other Bio Based Consumer Products, we have worked very hard at also making the products, cost effective and affordable as well. That has been a challenge, and hopefully we have succeeded as we will be competing with other leading products in terms of retail pricing." says an excited Danny Joubert.

NannoSOFT is now entering the crucial certifications process and should be available to market in the next 6 weeks. We are entering negotiations with National Distributors and one will see our products in selected National Retail partners by end of March 2021. 


NannoTEK SA, an emerging Brand Owner and Company developing Consumer Products incorporating the latest German nano technology in Consumer Products.