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Monday, 22 July 2019 10:50

Bathroom looking a touch dull? Hansgrohe's FinishPlus has a whole range of stunning options to remedy that!

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Bathroom looking a touch dull? Hansgrohe's FinishPlus has a whole range of stunning options to remedy that!

Hansgrohe’s FinishPlus has a whole range of stunning options to remedy that! 

Whether you’re the ‘by-the-book’ bathroom decorator - all traditional and precise, or the ‘eat-your-heart-out’ artsy designer - all colourful and chaotic, Hansgrohe’s FinishPlus range is sure to have the perfect fit for your unique sense of style.

The Range
Hansgrohe’s FinishPlus range has been slowly building over time and now boasts six unique finishes for your taps and mixers. Each of these pairs nicely with certain tropes; but don’t let that convince you to stick to the norm. Hansgrohe loves innovation, so don’t be afraid to mix and match to find your perfect style.

Chrome Finish
It’s simple. It’s elegant. It speaks to the heart of modern refinement and taste. It’s the classic look, the traditional look, the apex predator. Chrome is the tried-and-tested love child of generations of sanitary innovation and practicality. It never gets old because it never looks out of place.

Matt White Finish
You can almost hear it purring, the sweet Persian of the tap-world, stretching with feline grace above the sink. The Matt White finish is inviting and sensual but maintains a sense of purity which cannot be tainted.

Traditional Style
Of course, both Chrome and Matt White place perfectly in the traditional bathroom style, with its clean lines, spotless whites and wicker ornamentation.

Matt Black Finish
It’s the night hunter, the black panther, the Wakandan King. This finish is so debonair you’ll want to be wearing your Sunday best before you open the tap. It may not be subtle; but what’s the point of subtle when you’re whispering ‘suave’ with everything else?

Classic Style
Matt Black fits exceptionally well in the generic classic bathroom – adding a twist of the future to an otherwise stable setting. It’s the kind of tap which subconsciously draws the eye, moving your focus away from the endearing, casual simplicity of the rest of the room. Matt Black makes a bang. Put it somewhere quiet.

Brushed Black Chrome
It’s not quite Matt Black, but its not quite Black Chrome either. The subtle brush finish just put this style in a league of its own, bringing the best of both worlds to the fore. This finish has the knowing temperament of an international bad boy, mixed with the refined jawline of an old spaghetti-Western cowboy hero. In fact, it might just be the illegitimate lovechild of Ryan Reynolds and Clint Eastwood.

Polished Gold Optic
Nothing says ‘style’ quite like the ostentatious choice to finish your tap in gold. This finish is deliciously tantalizing, alluring to the eye and seemingly made to be revered.  

Brushed Bronze
The real underdog in this range, the Brushed Bronze is reminiscent of the ancient society of early Greece. It has a certain divinity to it, attracting the light without pomp or fanfare. In fact, it always seems to stand that much taller than its silver chromatic cousins.

Modern Style
Of course, you’re going to have to fly a bit more by the seat of your pants with these final three options – as their placement is entirely dependant on your particular tastes elsewhere in the bathroom. The Brushed Black works well with modern furniture and dark trim. The Gold Optic fits a room with other gold-leaf décor and darkened tones. The Bronze looks good against a number of different backdrops.

The point is simple: it’s 2019. Have some fun. With hansgrohe.

hansgrohe. Meet the beauty of water!

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