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Get your skin summer ready!

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Get your skin summer ready!

Summer is on the horizon! Much like you prep your skin for the grueling winter months, it’s important you update your beauty routine before the weather strikes hot, especially in Durban with its infamous heat waves fast approaching. It is our lifestyle where many of us will be spending a lot more time in the sun and on the beach. We will also be saying goodbye to the layers and unpacking those flip flops, shorts, summer dresses and swimwear, thereby exposing more flesh to the harsh elements of the sun.  

Here are a few easy tips to be mindful of, to maintain a healthy skin this summer 

1) Rock the sunscreen look, every dayWith outdoor activities in full swing this summer, it’s important to remember to protect your skin. Ensure that you have sun protection on all parts of your body that’s exposed to the sun. A lot of UV exposure can cause permanent damage, from sunburn, wrinkles, fine lines as well as premature aging. A good tip on purchasing sunscreen products is to be sure that they protect against UVA and UVB, have an SPF 30 or higher and are water resistant. Make sure you re-apply every two hours when outdoors and more if you can. Seek shade whenever your shadow appears to be shorter than you, and wear protective clothing, which includes long sleeves,  wide brimmed hats and sunglasses when out in the sun.

 2) Drink up!As tempting as it is to enjoy one or two cold beverages by the pool or on the beach, it’s important to also keep yourself well hydrated. The heat of summer tends to absorb all the moisture from our bodies, so remember to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Always keep a bottle of water with you at all times, and ensure you refill it until you have reached your quota.

 3) Treat your feet!If you’ve stuffed your feet inside boots and closed shoes all winter, they probably could use a little TLC for the upcoming sandal weather. Jump-start your program with a salon pedicure, and after the jump start maybe try Sorbets easy DIY foot care tip, which will help soften your feet while you sleep. First, remove thicker skin with a foot file. Apply a rich emollient cream or ointment, and then cover your feet in plastic wrap and cotton socks. Leave this on overnight. Repeat every day until you achieve smooth skin, then once a week to maintain the soft skin. Treat yourself to a pedicure regularly, to get rid of the dead skin. You can follow a beauty regime at home, but it is also nice to pamper yourself at Sorbet Granada Square in Umhlanga.  

4) make sure your glow continues…Last but definitely not least, remember your face needs some extra attention during summer too. There’s a big misconception that your face doesn’t need to be moisturised in the summer months. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The only difference is that you need to find a lighter moisturiser, that’s non-greasy and definitely have a SPF in it especially during the day. If you have dry skin, it tends to get even drier in the summer months. Sun exposure, heat and chlorine can dry out your skin in the warmer months as you spend more time outside or poolside. You may also become more dehydrated as the temperature rises which can affect your skin’s appearance.

You could try a Hydro Skin facial at Sorbet Granada Square, Umhlanga. It’s the complete hydration solution that best treats those summer factors such as dehydration, irritation and premature aging- it’s perfect for these hotter months. Komila Naidoo’s (owner of Sorbet Granada Square Umhlanga) favourite mask to make up at home in the summer months is an avocado and honey mask, which is very easy to formulate. 

Komila’s home Avocado and Honey pamper mask:

  • Scoop out an avocado into a bowl
  • Smash it into a smooth paste
  • Add a spoon of honey to the mix
  • Apply it to your face, and let it sit for 20 minutes (it will dry up completely)
  • Rinse your face with cold water and pat it dry with a cloth

You can do this mask once a week for healthy and smooth feeling skin. 

Ultimately it is important to look after your skin, as it’s the only one you have. Very importantly, you should have your skin regularly assessed by the experts so that you know what products you can or shouldn’t use as well as the kind of skin regime you need to follow.  

Book a free skin assessment at the newly revamped Sorbet Granada Square on 031 561 2538.