Friday, 29 December 2017

London Calling

Written by
Parker Jotter

Parker launches new look collection inspired by London’s most iconic landmarks.  

Bringing fine writing into the modern day, Parker launches its new collection of Jotter pens. An everyday icon is reborn with London as its style inspiration. 

The Jotter ballpoint pen, used by generations for diary musings, song writing and to do lists, has been given a makeover with colours inspired by some of London’s favourite haunts including Bond Street Black, Chelsea Orange, Waterloo Blue, Victoria Violet, Portobello Purple and Kensington Red. 

Staying true to its roots and reflecting over 60 years of celebrated history, the pen retains its classic 1950s retro design, its trademark Parker arrow clip and durable lightweight case, now modernised with stainless steel in an array of new colours. Parker Jotter is the pen for the modern age, allowing writers to take time, organise thoughts, and let their creativity flow. 

As one of the most recognisable ball point pens in the world, the Jotter is relaunched with a Core and Premium Range, both of which provide an elevated experience through a dedicated Parker gift box proudly featuring Parker’s two Royal Warrants.    To view the enhanced Parker range, please visit or visit the SA Facebook page 

Established in 1888, Parker has spent more than 125 years pioneering innovation, style and unique craftsmanship in fine writing instruments, giving consumers the confidence to write their own stories. Recognised worldwide for its use of high quality materials, Parker puts its renowned expertise into every pen through rigorous testing and attention to detail.Parker continues to believe in the importance of writing, because the words we speak can be heard by many, but the words we write transcend time.