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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 05:12

Homemation Introduces the Newest Denon HEOS AVR: Surround Yourself with Sound, Not Wires  

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Homemation Introduces the Newest Denon HEOS AVR: Surround Yourself with Sound, Not Wires   

The HEOS AVR has arrived in South Africa, distributed exclusively through Homemation.

Enjoy surround sound with style – and multi-room audio made easy. Introducing the revolutionary Denon HEOS AVR: surround yourself with thrilling movie sound and fill your home with music – without the wires!

‘Surround yourself with sound, not wires’: that’s the idea behind the stylish new Denon HEOS AVR, the latest addition to the rapidly growing HEOS range of multi-room entertainment products. With striking style and the ability to deliver a surround sound experience without cables, the HEOS AVR is set to revolutionise your home theatre. Offering up to 5.1 channel, top-class surround sound with the simple setup and operation of a mobile application, the HEOS AVR has it all – simplicity, extraordinary sound and a versatile appearance to compliment any home.

With its sleek, slimline design, the Denon HEOS AVR doesn’t look like a conventional AV receiver, yet it encompasses the same expertise and technology revered by Denon enthusiasts worldwide. Constructed with versatility and simplicity in mind, the HEOS AVR is ultra-simple to set up and use.

The cleverly designed HEOS app leads the user through the configuration process to integrate the HEOS AVR into your whole-house music system and achieve effortless surround sound.

The HEOS AVR revolutionises the AV receiver market, combining flexibility, ease of use and superb performance, all in a sleek aluminium chassis carefully crafted to create a statement in your living room. It combines 5.1 channel surround sound with HEOS wireless multiroom music streaming, integrating wireless HEOS speakers as surround channels, creating a cable-free multichannel system. It will drive conventional speakers with its powerful built-in Class D amplification, or will work with a mix of both wired and wireless speakers.

Its four auto-sensing HDMI inputs are compatible with the latest 4K UltraHD TV, Blu-ray and online video streaming formats. The ability to learn TV remote commands makes operation of your home cinema totally intuitive, with main AVR functions available from the TV handset, and Audio Return channel capability means just one cable is needed between your TV and the HEOS AVR for superb sound and vision.

As well as delivering your favourite TV shows and movies in thrilling surround sound, the HEOS AVR can stream music from your home computer or online services such as Deezer, TuneIn, Spotify Connect and Tidal for limitless entertainment. Make the HEOS AVR the heart of your home cinema entertainment system and the cornerstone of your multiroom music system.

Additional HEOS speakers can be added to the system at any time with a few taps on the HEOS app. You can play different music in every room, or bring the whole house together for a party, playing the same tune in every room. Six Quick-Select pre-sets are provided for your favourite functions, and you can also stream music directly from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The HEOS AVR really is home cinema reinvented, cutting out the clutter – and the cables – and creating a stylish, simple way to bring the full movie experience to your living room, while retaining all the superb surround sound quality for which Denon is famous. Inside that stylish chassis is in-depth Denon audio engineering, from advanced digital signal processing to the cool-running, energy-efficient Class D amplification, able to deliver a massive 100W per channel to drive any speakers.

Flexible, simple and stylish, not to mention great-sounding, the Denon HEOS AVR is the future of total home entertainment.HEOS AVR 5.1ch Surround Receiver - Key Features: It combines up to 5.1ch top-class surround sound, wireless surround channels using a pair of any HEOS speakers - surround yourself with sound, not wires, unique industrial design with aluminium chassis and HEOS family style, 5x 100 W powerful class D amplification capable to drive your favourite speakers - use your existing beloved speakers and enter a new world of sound, latest HDMI and 4K UltraHD compatibility with 4 HDMI inputs - future-proof and ready for all modern playback devices, HEOS music streaming and multi-room technology built-in - access to the most important online streaming services, intuitive app-based set-up and operation; additional compact remote control - quick and intuitive access to most important features.

Denon is a trademark or registered trademark of D&M Holdings Inc. Available exclusively through Homemation suppliers: Innovating Your Lifestyle.Homemation is the exclusive specialist South African suppliers of premium branded audiovisual and home theatre products. The brands in their stable offer some of the most advanced and sought-after AV and home automation technologies in the world.

Call Homemation on 011-781 8887 for your nearest stockist, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit ; Facebook ; Twitter and Instagram.

Recommended Retail Price: R16 990.

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