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Thursday, 30 March 2017 18:37

Introducing Micro Gel Pillows by Vencasa

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Introducing Micro Gel Pillows by Vencasa

Vencasa, the new innovative bedroom solution range in South Africa, hand-picks, designs and develops their products for the ultimate sleep. After all, sleep is an all-day affair as much as it is a night one too.

The exclusive Vencasa Signature Collections celebrate sleep as an art and a science.  

Because so much is happening in your head all day, it’s imperative to find a rejuvenating, supportive pillow to sink it into once the day is done. Sleeping on the wrong pillow is often the cause of neck and back pain. The right pillow for you, is a very personal choice, based on your build, sleep position, mattress and preferences.  

Vencasa Micro Gel Pillows are a brilliant choice as they are versatile enough to provide superior comfort and performance. They are made from synthetic fibres that are similar to silk, making the pillow feel just as luxurious as a feather pillow. The fibre is much thinner than normal fibres, making the pillow soft, supple, and lightweight.  

Enjoy that luxurious down-like experience with the Vencasa Micro Gel Pillows which constantly adapt to the movements and shape of your head and neck, throughout the night. A Vencasa Micro Gel Pillow is ideal as an all-purpose pillow that is soothing and comfortable without the allergic effect of feather pillows as they are made from 100% Micro Gel Hypoallergenic fibre, with a cotton cover. The hypoallergenic fibre prevents an accumulation of dust mites, while the cotton cover helps to provide an allergen-free sleeping environment.  

One of the greatest features of the Vencasa Micro Gel pillows is the thermal performance, which means adapting to the user’s body temperature, ensuring a restful sleep throughout the night. Plus, they are machine washable on a delicate cold cycle, or easily cleaned with a damp sponge and dried in the sun, should spills occur.  

These dreamy pillows retain their shape, ensuring supportive comfort for your sleepy head for years to come.  

Vencasa has partnered with global and local experts to create the Vencasa Signature Collection for every sleep need. This includes mattresses, headboards, bases and frames, side tables, lamps, occasional furniture, ottomans, linen, pillows and luxurious bedroom accessories, with several price points to accommodate their wide clientele. Vencasa is made for people looking for a high quality, yet affordable range of products.   Available exclusively from Vencasa and Tempur stores, in three feels, soft, medium and firm, priced from R 899.  

Vencasa brings the art of sleep to your 'casa', from the smallest to the most essential sensory detail. We invite you to 'come home' to Vencasa for the ultimate bedroom experience.  

Visit or call 0861 60 60 60 for more information, to shop, or for your nearest stockist.

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