13 May 2015

Miss Earth and Cathay Pacific join hands in support of Earth Day

Submitted by MyPressportal Team

Cathay Pacific and Miss Earth South Africa showed their support of Earth Day by joining forces with Food and Trees for Africa to plant 10 trees at the Dalmondeor Primary School in  Calanbria, Johannesburg. 

On Wednesday, 22 April, a team from Cathay Pacific, a Miss Earth South Africa sponsor, and Miss Earth South Africa 2014, Ilze Saunders met at Dalmondeor Primary School in Calanbria, Johannesburg, to help plant trees that would give the children a beautiful environment to play in during break time at school.  
Human Resource Manager at Cathay Pacific, Charlene Moses, says, “Cathay Pacific prides itself on giving back to the communities around us. Children and the environment are two causes that we are most passionate about. We’re looking forward to the day that the trees will be big enough to offer shade to the children, as well as be strong enough for them to climb.”

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