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Thursday, 28 January 2010 13:02

Green Products - the place to shop for eco-gifts and more

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{pp}Have you ever wondered where you can find affordable eco-gifts? At Green Online you can find those and so much more!

Velisa Agencies cc has been doing business since 2006 and has experienced continuous growth in spite of the tough economic times. Last year October a little bit more growth occured and an online store was born, called "Green Online". The response to the online store has been fantastic and in the first 2 months the average growth according to Google Analytics was over 5000% which is a lot more than most people can claim!

We take great pride in our customer relations and privacy. We do not store credit card information and neither do our payment gateway, Netcash. The online buying is totally secure and encrypted so you don't ever have to worry about the security of your information. We also specifically locked the purchasing down to South Africa forsecurity reasons.

The whole motivation behind the online store is to give the man on the street access to affordable products which will contribute to a greener planet. 

If you are looking for solar products to brighten your garden or solar camping equipment or a small squeeze torch for your child or even solar power stations for areas where electricity is not readily available, we can help you. If we DON'T have what you want, let us try and source it for you.

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