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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 12:43

Is your home winter ready?

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It’s the perfect time of year to examine your home and ensure that vital maintenance and repairs are done as winter temperatures continue to plummet.  “With the checks and balances done, you can rest easy knowing that if things do go wrong, your insurance will take care of it,” recommends Mandy Barrett of insurance brokerage and risk advisors, Aon South Africa.

Clean up Your Garden

  • Cover garden furniture and ensure garden hoses are stored in a frost-free area to prevent it from freezing and cracking in cold temperatures.    
  • Remove falling leaves from gutters and clear away dry debris as clogged gutters may create maintenance issues on your building.
  • Take the time to trim any dead branches off trees, such as palm trees, and shrubs as it poses a fire risk, especially if the plant is close to your home.  Your garden may need extra trimming if you live in the drought-stricken Cape region, or if you live in a region that is heading into a dry winter. 
  •    Make sure that the water pump on your water collection tank or borehole is in good working order and has ‘run-dry’ protection so it will automatically shut off if it detects that there is no water to pump – this could happen if the water freezes in the pipes or the tank runs dry.

Fill the Gaps

  • Fill any cracks you may have in your walls, especially exterior walls.  Water coupled with freezing temperatures can worsen existing cracks during winter months. 
  • Check all doors and windows to make sure they seal properly and replace any gaps with door and window foam seal tape – keeping out the cold air will save significantly on heating costs. 
  • Check and replace any broken roof tiles and ensure that flashings are in order – especially if you experience rainy winter months. 

Gas Stove, heaters and fireplaces:

  •    Exercise extra precaution when using these appliances in your home – gas and open flames represent a significant fire and health risk.  Always use your gas appliances as specified by the manufacturer with the correct safety valves and mechanisms in place.  Get a certified gas installer to do regular safety checks and service your equipment before the winter months. 
  •    If you love a cosy winter fire, make sure that flammable objects are kept well away from a fireplace and always use a fire screen to prevent any sparks from flying off and setting fire to carpets or curtains.  Clear out chimneys and air vents to ensure ventilation is not impaired in any way.
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