17 May 2022

It is MORE than just a domain name – it’s an Opportunity!

Submitted by Domains.co.za Johannesburg
It is MORE than just a domain name – it’s an Opportunity!

It All Starts With a Domain Name!

This is the Domains.co.za slogan that we chose to best represent our brand. What do we mean with this? We mean that the moment you register your domain name, it is a tangible start to the business idea you’ve had in your mind. Suddenly, your business is real, and ready for you to give it ‘wings’.

But that’s not the only reason we decided on this slogan.

We also believe that having a domain is more than just a name on the World Wide Web. We believe that a domain name gives your business credibility, assists with name recognition, user retention, and will influence your marketing strategies for years to come.

Furthermore, we believe that sometimes a domain name can be an opportunity in itself, because:

Domains are hot tech real estate

Buying and selling domains is a thing. Provided that you steer clear of registering a domain that includes copyright or trademarked names – you are free to register (and therefore own) whatever available domain name you can think of.

Across the world there are people who invest in a domains portfolio the same as one does with properties. People are securing product or service-related (i.e. cars, plumbers etc.) domain names, country, city or province domain names, or future event domain names, that will carry value when the time is right.

You can build a business around a great domain name

Location, location, location! Similar to property, the right domain name sets you up for success. Who said the business idea always comes first? Sometimes the idea can start with a domain name, and with the right strategy you can build this ‘property’ into a flourishing business.

A domain can take your business to the next level

It may all start with a domain, but it does not necessarily have to stop with just that one. If business is doing well, it is sensible to segment or target a specific audience. And doing so with a specific domain name, or domain extension (TLD) can help your marketing team target this focus area more effectively.

Domains.co.za’s Great Domains Rush promotion that’s currently running until the end of June 2022 allows all our .co.za customers to register their equivalent domain name in .africa, .joburg, .durban and or .capetown for only R3.00* each.

If you’ve wanted to segment or target a specific geographical audience, the time is now!

At Domains.co.za, we are passionate about cultivating an online entrepreneurial spirit in South Africa. Our products are therefore aligned in such a way as to accommodate startups and growing businesses alike. It may start with a domain name with us, but it definitely won’t end with that as we can assist you with the best in hosting, a website builder, security and an incredible hosted VoIP solution – all right here at Domains.co.za!

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