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Saturday, 04 February 2012 00:17

Top SA Training Tackle Unemployment and Poverty Head-on

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Work Your Wealth and SA trainer Conray Labuschagne and his team takes high un employment, and poverty head on!

Work Your Wealth under lead of Conray Labuschagne South Africa's leading speaker and trainer  on Personal Development and Wealth Creation and his team off experts will commence with an agressive drive to combat both high un employment and poverty on an national basis!

A series of FREE seminars will be hosted all around the country, the objective of these seminars is to firstly make public aware that they needn't accept their current financial struggles, and that there are sustainable tools and methods for EVERYBODY to create financial stabilty and financial freedom!

Second objective is to show the public in easy to understand and more importantly easy to implement plan how to become debt free, and start building the Wealth they deserve!

Different guest speakers will adress different components of Wealth Creation, The importance of getting out of the claws of credit that keep people as prisoners of the financial system.

The information that will be shared on this FREE event, will enable all attendees to succesfully implement the following

1. Sustainable action plan to break out of the debt slavery trap

2. Commence immediatly with an sustainable Wealth Creation plan that WILL deliver financial freedom, providing they take action!

Bottom line all attendees that take up invitation to attend can turn their lives around on what they will learn!

Bottom line they will learn how the financial system keeps them in a state of modern day slavery, and more importantly they will learn that they can become financially stable and financially free!

Seats gets taken up very fast, so make sure to book your seat at a venue near you asap!

Visit TODAY!

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0722649970 or 0813040018
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Helping individuals in living a life of choice in all aspects.

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