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Sunday, 24 July 2011 22:25

EasyInfo to provide data for Google Maps in South Africa

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SA business will join the global online map system as its major cities and streets are documented by Google Maps, joining over 100 other cities in 12 countries online.
EasyInfo and Google today announced a commercial agreement to provide South Africans with access to comprehensive business listings on Google Maps.

South African businesses are set to benefit from having their businesses particulars placed online in detail. The agreement enables users of Google Maps to search across all local business listings provided by EasyInfo, further increasing business’s visibility to the public.

EasyInfo, South Africa’s online directory service which has been providing comprehensive data and business listings for South Africa over 12 years, believes that Google Maps effects genuine usability to the Internet, bringing relevant and useful application to Internet users globally.

The directory service provides comprehensive data and business listings for Google Maps in South Africa and this means users will be able to find relevant local information, quickly and easily.

“Our key aim has always been to make it convenient to find the information at every point of contact albeit it through the website, print, mobile or intranets which our customers as users of EasyInfo require or have access to. Mapping out South Africa’s online information geographically is vital for businesses to remain relevant in the information age,” says Dennis Armstrong, spokesperson for EasyInfo.

The roll-out of high speed Internet access is expected to encourage growth in Internet usage in South Africa, diversifying reasons for Internet usage from predominantly email to include research and leisure.

Realising that directories are the key area for home and business service and equipment enquiries, EasyInfo has established itself as the first and leading online directory in South Africa, incorporating Internet, print editions and more recently mobile in order to maximize and leverage exposure for clients and value offerings to customers looking for information.

With the tourism industry about to get a major boost in 2010, the convenience of an online map service will provide easy access to restaurants, hotels and other key leisure and tourism areas in South Africa’s top metropolitan areas.

Google Maps will offer a new dynamic to business listings on EasyInfo that will optimize usability and offer reliable and relevant geographical information.


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