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Tuesday, 23 June 2020 08:06

21st century surveys talent implications after lockdown

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21st century surveys talent implications after lockdown

23 June 2020: With the nation remaining in state of flux due to lockdown measures, 21st Century’s ongoing survey series continues to examine South African businesses and the action they are taking to mitigate current circumstances. The seventh survey in the series covered Harnessing Talent post-COVID-19. These are some of the insights that came to light.  

As South Africa navigates “Advanced” Level 3 lockdown and many businesses return to work, the mass exodus back out into the working world will see staff and employers adapting to a very different way of life. So, how will this affect organisational priorities and what will it mean for talent?  

With priorities having to be reconsidered on a grand scale, 21st Century’s most recent survey examined organisational responses to current and anticipated talent implications, with special focus on the structures and competencies that might be needed in the post-COVID world. So, will many organisations be facing a gap in their talent palette?   

Overall, it was abundantly evident that the changes organisations face will directly affect the way they harness talent post COVID-19. 37% of respondents revealed that one of the biggest challenges they face is that managers are not skilled and equipped to deal with some of the most pertinent current organisational issues. These include managing skills gaps in critical roles (33%). 

The most common focus area for the next six months – as revealed by 70% of respondents –looks to be a clearly defined talent strategy geared at filling key roles. 58% of the organisations surveyed, though, revealed that the immediate focus area will be identifying positions that are critical to the business’s success. 

Although most organisations are more concerned with vital operational requirements right now, prioritising talent as a competitive business driver is very much on the horizon in the next six months. “Predictive” talent solutions are going to become crucial in the months to come, as organisations will have to anticipate ongoing changes in the wake of COVID-19.  

Talent is the backbone of any organisation. And ensuring that it is practically deployed will be a key driver as the economy grinds back to life. Perhaps a more “people-centred” approach will become increasingly prevalent in the freshly transformed landscape, as organisations “rewire” their systems and processes to move forward.  

21st Century’s survey series continues to gather data on exactly how organisations and their workforces will adapt to life as they return to a workplace that is very different from anything they have known before. Everyone is encouraged to take part in the surveys to help foster a new culture of collaboration and understanding as our surprising new reality unfolds.  

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About 21st Century:

21st Century is one of the largest Remuneration and HR consultancies in Africa, with a team of more than 60 skilled specialists, servicing over 1700 clients – including non-profit organisations, unlisted companies, government, parastatals and over two thirds of the companies listed on the JSE. 21st Century offers effective business planning with KPA and strategic planning reviews, creative reward practise modelling, operating modelling, change, stakeholder and culture management, training courses and comprehensive organisational development plans. 21st Century continues to offer solutions via virtual channels during the lockdown period.   In this volatile and uncertain environment, the way of working is changing dramatically. There are new – and often unprecedented – challenges that require businesses to plan rapidly and take decisive and immediate action. 21st Century offers a Resilience Audit assessing businesses during COVID-19 for their sustainability, offering these businesses tailor made solutions and developing new remuneration structures and performance measurement systems, as well as helping with managing organisational changes within the business.

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