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Wednesday, 05 February 2020 02:58

SME Simple: The Fintech solution changing how SMEs do their books

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SME Simple includes the powerful SME Snapshot tool

The old adage goes that entrepreneurs should be working “on not in” their businesses, but how does one do that when you still have to comply with statutory returns and making sure you stay up to date with your financials? It’s Simple.  

Ideal for businesses turning over less than R1m per annum, SME Simple is a technology offering from accounting firm which makes use of innovative financial tools to free entrepreneurs to focus on building their businesses or getting them funding-ready… all from just R1750 per month.   

“Whether you are trying to get your business ready for investors or to apply for finance or simply looking to stay on top of your statutory returns and general bookkeeping, the best way to do it is to focus on the use of technology,” says Master Franchisor Ken Brown.  

The offering comprises a cloud-based accounting solution as well as the powerful SME Snapshot tool, a locally-developed fintech solution which provides a dashboard for entrepreneurs who want to compare their profitability to industry peers and competitors. 

On top of this, SME Simple clients get: 

  • Assistance with all SARS, COIDA, and CIPC Submissions
  • Free phone support for tax and accounting questions
  • Reminders and tax alerts

Year-end Financial Statements  

“SME Simple is also a really great offering for companies who support entrepreneurs through their Enterprise Development offering,” says Brown pointing out that by using tools like SME Snapshot, funding partners can get a dashboard of the financial health of the entrepreneurs they are supporting.  If managing the financial function of your business prevents you from focusing on revenue generation activities, then SME Simple is the ideal offering for you.

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