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BARBARA LOMBARD – Executive Director Passion, expertise and a whole lot of heart

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BARBARA LOMBARD – Executive Director Passion, expertise and a whole lot of heart

Revolving her career around her passion and strength has led Barbara Lombard on a diverse journey through the ranks of various local and internationally recognised organisations. A journey that has culminated with her as the Executive Director, and a Non-Executive Director of boards and Boards Committee member of 21st Century, South Africa’s largest specialist Remuneration, Organisation Development and Change consultancy, with national and international capability.

With a start in HR as an Industrial Relations Officer, Lombard’s career took many interesting turns, but her inherent love of people and being a part of their development finally led her to where she is today. Her crucial role lies within Organisational Design and Change Management, which means that she works very closely with Executives, assisting them in realising and achieving their organisational objectives. She also has a hand in Executive and Management training and Leadership development.

Along with the daily inspiration she gets from working alongside people, both internally with her team and externally with her clients, she is also motivated by how energising and varied her day to day encounters are. “Being around such varied and culturally diverse sets of people allows me to draw upon my passion for exploring unique solutions that meet specific clients’ needs”, says Lombard. “I thrive on self-management, and this is exactly the kind of environment where an inherent understanding of the pragmatic strategies that I design come to the fore. Those moments where I can see that an authentic connection has been made and that I am truly providing value are what drive me always to do better.”

When not in the office, Lombard manages a Vintage and Antique shop, which still allows her to deal with people daily. She has an artistic side which she expresses by designing clothing; and is also a part-time model – which would explain her love of shopping. “When I am really stressed, I turn to retail therapy; it’s one way to get my mind off the situation at hand and truly just indulge myself.”

She also manages to find a great balance between entertaining family and friends and down-time and enjoys both an excellent exercise session and the peace and quiet of tucking herself away with a good book. She especially enjoys Aretha Franklyn and is currently reading the biography of this unforgettable woman. When she gets the chance she also loves to travel; visiting exotic places and seeking out treasures for her Antique shop are genuinely some of her greatest pleasures in life. That and her daughter, who she happily chaperones whenever needed.

When asked what her superpower is, she answers quite simply. “God. I wouldn’t say my belief is a superpower; it’s really just my faith that my path is being guided every step of the way.”

With a work ethic built on passionate expertise, underpinned by such unwavering faith, Lombard’s future is set to be golden. 

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