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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 12:21

Greater demand for language models sees partnership between new technologies and the human touch

Written by 
Adam Kossowski, CEO, Way With Words

Way With Words, a leading speech to text provider, is expanding its current range of services as demand for building language and dialect libraries rises for technology companies worldwide.  

Specialising in English-language dialects, the company has been approached by several large tech companies in industries including call centres, finance and telephony to help create and improve their English language speech to text models and, more recently, other local languages such as Afrikaans. The new libraries will help global organisations provide improved speech to text service support for their customers using their own technology.  

This brand-new custom service offers language modelling transcription solutions for technologies that use speech to text and require assistance to deliver accurate voice to text language processing. The service is also of value to companies looking to build specific repositories of languages, dialects or subjects for the purposes of speech to text products or services. 

Way With Words typically provides bespoke human transcription solutions worldwide, including audio and video transcribing and, more recently, a captioning service. 

With many big players entering the market with AI transcription and speech to text services, Way With Words has been praised by clients for its attention to detail and absolute accuracy, something that AI technologies in the field have so far failed to replicate.  

The company is making a significant investment in a new workflow platform that will provide an even faster and more precise transcription platform using human transcribers. With such an increased demand for language libraries and speech to text services from clients around the world, Way With Words is exploring other applications for its solution and researching new ways to combine technology and AI without losing accuracy or attention to detail. 

Adam Kossowski, Chief Executive Officer at Way With Words says, “Right now many specialist technologies are looking to address the accuracy of their speech to text functionality for specific industries or use cases. At Way With Words, we are realigning our business to adopt a solution that we feel provides a new space for people to continue to work with these technologies to ensure the best of both worlds for years to come.” 

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Way With Words provides 99%+ accurate transcription for audio or video. Rated as one of the best transcription companies globally, Way With Words ensures that all clients receive quality transcription produced by transcribers who are selected, vetted and thoroughly trained in line with the Company’s strict criteria. Way With Words also offers custom transcription solutions to meet any bespoke needs, from a brief interview session to ongoing B2B transcribing of thousands of hours.

Way With Words

Way With Words is a professional transcription service launched in 2001 with registered companies or points of presence in South Africa, the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. We also service clients in many other parts of the world including Singapore, Hong Kong, Europe, Middle East, Parts of Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. The company provides users with fast and accurate audio transcription, video transcription and custom transcription solutions. The company is POPI compliant and GDPR (EU/UK) Compliant.

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