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Tuesday, 10 June 2008 16:55

Life Masters new Appreciative team-building process transforms Me to WE - forever!

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{pp}Most corporate training and team-building is a total waste of time, and money, if you are looking for long-term results says Tony Dovale – Chief Coach and Alchemist at Life Masters International Team Building.

In order to resolve this dilemma, says Dovale, based upon our past experiences and extensive research, we have launched an innovative corporate Ai team building adventure and staff resilience improvement process that impacts people's head, heart and Soul - "Building a Transformed Team with Soul".

Results reveal that the “Transformed Team with Soul” corporate team-building process has long-term efficacy for both company and staff.

Where normal team-building interventions helpfulness may last 1-3 months, the “Transformed Team” Appreciative Team-Build method has documented fficacy greater than 2 years, with life-changing consequences.

The “Transformed Team with Soul” adventure incorporates a leading-edge approach with the understanding the all results are driven by the human element, incorporating AQ/Resilience profiling, SPIRIT Leadership insights, Higher-Ground Leadership philosophies, an Appreciative Enquiry foundation, Hawkins Consciousness levels and motionetics Inergetic Releasing technologies.

Utilising a uniquely spirited approach initially, teams from 10-100 can be accommodated in the “Transformed Team with Soul” appreciative process.

Incrementally the competitive aspect is tailored towards a team/collaborative approach – with the teams finally ending up with an enlightening and engaging company or department Vision, Destiny, Cause and Calling and transformed team spirit and renewed positive relationships.

Extensive pre-event research enables the “Appreciative Team” coaches to continuously guide and direct the team’s, and individuals, actions and energies towards the eventual successful outcome.

LifeMasters Team Building Ai coaches can adjust the “Appreciative Inquiry Team” events from basic team-building, right across the spectrum to high impact, fully transformational, "Corporate Soul Surgery".

In a “Transformed Team with Soul“ Ai event, lasting anywhere from 1 day to 5 days, teams are put through their paces on a head, heart and Soul level.

As they compete and collaborate towards building the ideal team, and Vision, from a POSITIVE perspective, they will encounter the full range of experiences, from playful fun to full-contact performance ressures and challenges.

The significant advantage that LifeMasters delivers with their “Transformed Team with Soul” Appreciative Inquiry Adventure, is ongoing coaching support for the teams and individuals to sustain the shifts. This ensures maximum retention and application of insights, commitments and agreements.

Today, companies want maximum bang-for-their-HR buck. Building  “Transformed Team with Soul” is authentic appreciative team-building that delivers true trust, support, engagement, commitment,
compassion and collaboration, not just light group entertainment. At the conclusion of our "Transformed Team with Soul” Ai events, our  clients truly appreciate that we are all part of ONE team, says Dovale.

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Life Masters is a Personal Transformation and Higher Ground Leadership  development company providing leading edge corporate team building, leadership coaching and staff engagement strategies in South Africa.

Contact Information:
Life Masters Appreciative Team Building
tel: 011 467-1763
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Life Masters

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