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Tuesday, 10 June 2008 10:39

PIC Solutions Presents at CardExpo West Africa 2008 Conference

{pp}PIC Solutions, the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region, will be showcasing leading-edge credit risk solutions at Africa’s biggest card event, the 8th CardExpo Africa 2008 conference in Lagos, Nigeria.

The theme for this year’s CardExpo is ‘Winning Ways Africa Conference: Succeeding with Cards Profitability’ and will be held from 18-20 June at the prestigious Ocean Panoramic Hall at the Civic Centre. CardExpo Africa 2008 has been uniquely designed and packaged to focus on how Africa can benefit and succeed in the movement towards developing robust financial systems centred on robust cross-border electronic payment models.

This conference will provide delegates with a greater understanding of the drivers behind e-payment and identification to broaden the industry initiative in Africa. PIC Solutions will be presenting a seminar on “Making more profitable credit decisions utilising credit scoring”. This topic will focus on automating credit decisions in an increasingly competitive environment, best practices in utilising credit scoring and understanding application and account management stages of the credit life cycle. In addition to the presentation, PIC Solutions will also be exhibiting at the event.

This will provide delegates with the opportunity to meet members of the PIC Solutions team, who will be on hand to discuss any industry queries or concerns. Gray Stopforth, Head of Sales and Marketing at PIC Solutions, states “We are delighted by this opportunity to be presenting and exhibiting at the annual CardExpo Africa conference.

This annual conference has become an important event for card issuers in the region. PIC Solutions is actively involved with projects in the African market and this conference and exhibition is an effective way to promote our consulting expertise and solutions to a growing market”.

About PIC Solutions
PIC Solutions is the leading specialist credit risk solutions company in the EMEA region. With offices in Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg, Manama and Nairobi, we deliver integrated analytics, consulting and software solutions to over 150 companies in 30+ countries. We work worldwide with organisations to improve performance, drive strategies and enhance profitability.

Software PIC Solutions is the Fair Isaac alliance partner for the Middle East Africa region and from offices in Cape Town, Dubai, Johannesburg, Manama and Nairobi, we provide all sales, initial and ongoing support for the entire suite of Fair Isaac products and services. This includes consulting, professional services, project management, software support and ongoing maintenance.

Contact Information:
Cape Town | Dubai | Johannesburg | Manama | Nairobi

Editorial Contact:
Sarka Svoboda Marketing Manager
Tel: +27 (0)21 680 6010
Fax: +27 (0)21 680 6003
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