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Monday, 18 June 2018 09:44

Aon South Africa announces partnership with HNA

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Aon South Africa and Handicaps Network Africa (HNA) have announced a three-year partnership that will see the insurance brokerage and risk advisor contribute towards the growth and development of amateur golf in South Africa.

HNA is a joint venture between Super-Brands and GolfRSA - the unified body of the South African Golf Association and Womens Golf South Africa.  A significant portion of the sponsorship revenue will be reinvested into the long-term administration and development of the game in South Africa. 

“While the sponsorship has definite business objectives of promoting the Aon brand name and building on business relationships, it is important to note that a portion of the company's sponsorship goes to the development of the sport.  Golf is a sport that requires immense perseverance, commitment and technical skill and in many ways, golf is a great metaphor for leadership.  Golf is all about continuous improvement – the goal is always to do better than the last score, in much the same way that a leader strives to improve business in a focused and consistent manner.  Just like golf, leadership skills can be learned through studious reflection and practice,” explains Mandy Barrett, Head of Marketing at Aon South Africa.

Grant Hepburn, CEO of GolfRSA, adds that the partnership is very positive news for amateur golf. 

"We will ensure that proceeds from the campaign are put to good use as we endeavour to grow the game in all communities and at all levels," he commented. 

"We are delighted to welcome Aon on board as one of our premium sponsors," says Paul Bezuidenhout, general manager at HNA. "Aon is a global insurance broker and risk advisor with a proven track record that we believe will be of great benefit to our golfers, both in their personal and professional capacities. A perfect fit for us.”

Aon’s three-year commitment to amateur golf will create a unique platform for the insurance brokerage and risk advisor to work with amateur golfers to explore customised insurance offerings at competitive rates.

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