25 April 2017

#TechTalkCPT: Teaching a Continent to Code

Submitted by MyPressportal Team


Date: 03/05/2017
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


60 Hout St - Cape Town

Event Info

Tickets available at Quicket: http://qkt.io/hWdnTD

“Coding is a new language; every child deserves to be fluent.” May’s #TechTalkCPT is focusing on Africa Code Week, the amazing intiative that aims to teach as many children in Africa to code as possible.

Read, write, code – Africa Code Week is the largest digital literacy initiative ever organized on the African continent last year. In 2015, this historic journey enabled 89,000 young Africans across 17 countries to either write their first lines of code or touch a computer for the first time. Join us in 2016 as we set the stage to engage 150,000 children and youth across 30 countries! Rogeema Kenny will speak about what it is like to be a master trainer for Africa Code Week and how she has changed lives and communities by teaching them how to code.

Rogeema has a background in electrical engineering, and spent 10 years in the power and energy sector. She loves travelling, doesn’t like driving, and therefore has visions of Cape Town, as a world class city, having a world class public transport system like other world class cities she has been to. Supporting anything that develops the tech ecosystem, she’s a TechWomen fellow, and master trainer for Africa Code Week. When she’s not running, swimming, doing something else outdoors-y, or taking public transport, she works as a consultant in the Transport section of Pegasys Strategy and Development, where the ultimate aim is to improve the quality life of the most marginalised by creating innovative, sustainable and impactful transport solutions.

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