02 August 2021

Clean Hands Are Safe Hands with Xylem and SOS NPO

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Clean Hands Are Safe Hands with Xylem and SOS NPO

Over 110 000 residents in the communities of Bloekombos and Wallacedene in the Western Cape are now able to access hand washing stations, as well as sanitation and hygiene facilities, thanks to SOS NPO’s COVID-19 response campaign generously funded by Xylem’s Watermark project.

Eightprojects were highlighted and undertaken to provide hand-washing stations as well as prioritise the adaptation, repair, rehabilitation and maintenance of existing infrastructure, allowing the SOS team to reach these under-privileged schools and communities. The physical installations and management of these projects are combined with behaviour programming, therefore prevention message and ongoing hygiene, prevention and sanitation are continuously communicated.

Seven of the eight projects focussed on the local schools, supplying over 3800 learners with hand washing stations, upgrades of ablution structures, water tanks as well as taps, sinks and even a secondary water supply for a new food garden that supports the school’s feeding scheme.

With the Xylem Watermark donation, SOSNPO has been able to ensure that the handwashing stations are strategically located, and that regular monitoring and adequate regulation is in place, to ensure the long-term functioning of the infrastructure, both in the community and the schools.

In addition to the hand washing stations and other needed upgrades, this partnership project with Xylem Watermark and SOS created 14 job opportunities to local residents who assisted with the construction teams and who now monitor, manage and sterilize the tanks, to ensure they remain clean, filled with fresh water, and ensure liquid soap supplies are replenished as SOS Ambassadors.

The financial implications of running project like these are complex and, as an NPO, SOS relies on donations to carry out the critical work that they do to assist communities in fighting against COVID-19 and other diseases, with correct handwashing methods.

Xylem Watermark supports SOS projects as part of its commitment to sustainability, the environment, healthy lives, gender equality and resilient communities. As Xylem’s corporate social responsibility program, Watermark is dedicated to creating social value by leveraging Xylem’s expertise, technologies and people to help communities in need.

Watermark partners with leading non-profit organisations, making an incredible impact around the world and creating a movement towards solving the world’s water challenges.Through Watermark, Xylem employees have volunteered more than 180,000 hours over the past four years.

SOS NPO would like to thank Xylem Watermark project for their ongoing support in protecting the most vulnerable in these under-privileged communities.

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SOS NPO - Save our Schools' mission is to improve water equity within communities, primarily focusing on sanitation and hygiene in schools, by providing sustainable water solutions through partnerships with businesses and other organisations.

About Xylem Watermark Project
Through Xylem Watermark, Xylem works with best-in-class non-profits to address the full spectrum of water challenges by providing financial support, water technology, and sanitation and hygiene education. Xylem Watermark delivers sustainable solutions, combining community-based interventions with regular monitoring to ensure projects meet local water needs.

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