21 July 2022

Biometrics Africa Conference 2022

Submitted by Umbono Conferences and Events
Biometrics Africa Conference 2022

Enabling digital trust in the 21st century

By now, biometric technologies have been rapidly growing worldwide enabling countries in Africa to advance from old technologies and shift to modern innovations. Identity management programs like fingerprint and facial recognition scanners are second nature to many mobile users worldwide.

As the Covid-19 pandemic brought the whole world to a standstill remote work became a norm which led many companies to thrive through innovation and respond to the challenges of digital reinvention and the associated security risks.

Some identity management market analysis suggests that successful hacks will cost companies a whopping $5 trillion by 2024, establishing and enforcing a robust and adaptable identity and access security strategy that prevents fraud, improves governance and protects privacy will be the key to your enterprises digital competitive advantage.

Umbono Conferences and Events will be hosting the Biometrics Africa Conference on the 23 and 24 November 2022 at the Focus Rooms, Modderfontein. The conference is being organised as a hybrid, giving the delegate an option to attend virtually or physical. 

The aim of the conference is to gather experts of the industry to discuss how the shifts focus on key challenges of the biometric industry such as implementation and adoption of biometric tech for smart cities’ development, increase in identity theft, role of biometrics in a seamless digital era and regulatory challenges in private sector adoption and usage of biometrics.

Delegates will experience a power-packed programme of presentations, a panel discussion, the opportunity to network, form partnerships and gain knowledge from a panel of well-known speakers and moderators. We aim to attract attendees from financial institutions, contact centers (call centers), travel agencies, government, telecoms and service providers.

Ready to innovate and join the ranks of the biggest innovators then register to attend the conference today!!

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