25 July 2022

Atimeme Helps South African Brands Jump on the Meme-Marketing Bandwagon With the Most Viral Creatives

Submitted by Tiisetso Maloma
Atimeme Helps South African Brands Jump on the Meme-Marketing Bandwagon With the Most Viral Creatives

Memes have always been netizens' favorite way to get their points across with humor. Seeing this, many global brands, including Netflix and Gucci, started using memes to market their products/services and boost user engagement.

South Africa is no exception when it comes to the use of the meme. Several brands in the Rainbow Nation started leveraging memes to reach their younger target market, and many more are still jumping on this bandwagon.

One of the biggest South African platforms that both individuals and companies use to generate funny memes is Antimeme.

Launched in 2017, Atimeme significantly improved the meme-game of SA people and brands alike. With its built-in templates, making memes is just like 1-2-3, which can then be shared across all social media platforms, including the big four; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Brands have been running social media activation campaigns using Atimeme to warm up to their audience in the most natural and relatable ways. The Atimeme platform also helps them reach more people by sharing the campaign memes to its partner social media pages with millions of followers.

However, generating random memes with a brand's logo at the end and sharing it with the target market is not how meme marketing works. Companies need a media agency that generates the most relevant meme advertisements with the potential to go viral.

This is where Mzani Agency, the official digital media partner of Atimeme jumps into the equation. They're a social media marketing and activation agency having social media pages with a whopping 2+ million followers.

"We've existed since 2016 and have activated all kinds of brands and corporations such as Uber East, KIA, MTN, Mercedez Benz, Old Mutual, and Eskort. We also love activating upcoming artists and businesses", Hlabirwa Hlabirwa of Mzanzi Agency.

The company specializes in generating the most viral memes that significantly boost the awareness about a brand across the target markets. They do this by studying the target audience first, understanding their taste in humor, and then leveraging Atimeme to generate the most relatable memes with a subtle plug of the companies' branding. 

However, the Atimeme platform is not just limited to generating viral creatives for marketing and activation campaigns. It is also a social media app that allows users to create their profiles, follow each other, generate funny memes and share with each other.

Anyone looking to UP their meme game can download Atimeme from the Google Play Store.

Mzanzi Agency

Mzanzi Agency is a Social Media marketing and activation agency with actual Social Media pages with a total of over 2 million followers.