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White Hat SEO Services

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Search engine optimization is the means of improving your website ranking position on Google for specific keywords relative to your business. It is becoming the most effective means for selling products online and advertising services for local companies in South Africa. Websites with high search engine rankings accumulate customer and sales, and without implementing this type of service, your business could fall behind in this day and age.  



SEO is not as simple as it seems. Google is continuously updating their systems to improve the user experience, and SEO companies that do not comply with these updates fall behind on providing highly effective SEO methods. Companies who had great success with their SEO campaigns often start to have no success in the blink of an eye. The outdated SEO techniques can do more harm than good as their client's rankings can disappear altogether. Choosing the right SEO company in South Africa is becoming detrimental to the success of your business.  



There are further complications as marketers have discovered sneaky means of manipulating search engines with black hat or grey hat SEO techniques. 



It involves using powerful but short-lasting means of improving your search engine rankings quickly. SEO experts who implement black hat techniques usually gain the client's trust with quick rankings, however as time passes, Google typically picks up on these types of methods and ends up dropping the websites' positions and de-indexing these sites off their search engine. The main issue with black hat SEO is you may never restore your website on Google's search engine again. You may be forced to re-create another website and start all over again. It's essential to ask your SEO provider to send you reports containing the types of websites linked to your website. Suppose these websites look spammy and prevent low-quality content; it's usually not a good sign. To check if your website has been blacklisted with Google, type in the URL of your site in the search bar, and see if it appears in the results. If it doesn't appear at all, this means you have been red-flagged by Google.



It is similar to Black Hat SEO, but rankings usually last longer. It combines White Hat SEO with Black Hat SEO methods, so it usually takes time before Google can understand this type of implementation. Many SEO experts have perfected this type of SEO, and many times it can take years before Google understands its Grey Hat SEO. An excellent example of Grey Hat SEO is using Spun Content with your website backlink. The spun content is re-writing the content to make it unique as Google loves unique content. These days' spinning programs have become advanced, making it difficult for Google to understand spun content due to EML semantics. SEO experts use these tactics to save SEO costs, as buying articles cost more money than spinning them for free.



This is the correct means of implementing SEO. The process usually takes longer to reach Page 1 of Google, but the results last longer too. SEO professionals always consider value when optimizing a website and building backlinks. The strategy involved here is to link to websites in similar niches and provide high-quality information and articles. Implementing White Hat SEO involves: 


1. Targeting different websites such as directories, blogs, social media networks, PDF sharing sites, etc.

2. Know how to use anchor text variations as placing your targeted keyword in your text link too often can get you red-flagged.

3. Use a healthy balance of do-follow and no-follow backlinks.

4. Target website with High DA's and High PR's and stay away from websites with high spam scores. 



Here are tips on how to find a SEO company that provides safe and long lasting results:


1. Check their rankings on Google. If they appear for multiple searches on Google, the chances are they will do the same for your website.

2. Check out customer reviews. Make sure you see what customers have to say about them with regards to ratings and comments.

3. Find out how long they have been providing SEO services. The older the SEO company, the more experience they will have in the field of SEO.



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