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Practical Digital Courses

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yTraining Launched a Division of yMarketing

We are proud to announce the Launch of the New yTraining Website.

yTraining is a Division of yMarketing Digital Marketing (Pty) Ltd, where we believe in empowering our delegates to take control, empowering them by sharing tried and tested techniques to ensure success.

All our marketing techniques have been tried and tested within our own Digital Marketing Agency. To ensure that we teach credible information.We teach our courses in a methodology that we trust! We do this by means of a Lecture & Coaching combination.

We bring practical knowledge to digital marketing, to us it's not just paper, video's, quizzes, test and then on your way.  We work with you in online and interactive training to ensure you understand how to implement and change all your requirements in Wordpress, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation. We teach in mentorship and coaching methodologies to ensure all our students can effectively execute control of their brand.

What do our courses consist of? See down below for the outline's of our course content.

To Book with us please email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and use our 30% off coupon on checkout YTRAINING30

Wordpress Course Outline:- (Click Here to preview online)

Getting Started, Website Hosting + Installation and Upgrades
Installing WordPress within five minutes
Configuring your WordPress site
The WordPress Dashboard
General settings
Discussion/Comment settings
Permalink settings
Reading settings
Writing settings
Creating content: Posts & Pages
How to create a Page
Managing Links
Managing WordPress Tags
Managing your WordPress Media Library
Updating your WordPress Profile
Creating a blog Post
Managing Posts
Managing comments
Using analytics to deliver accountability and insight
Installing and activating a Free WordPress Theme
Working with WordPress Widgets
WordPress Administration
Managing WordPress users
Managing files

Digital Marketing Course Outline:- (Click Here to preview online)


  • What you need to for Online Marketing
  • Standard Accounts to Create
  • Website & HTML (What you need to know for Online Marketing)
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Adwords
  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Strategy


    Websites For Business
    Websites For Ecommerce
    WordPress vs Wix
    Engagement: Convert More Leads
    Buyer Personas & Strategy
    Turning Leads Into Buyers

    Getting to Know Social Media
    Knowing Your Audience
    The Platforms – Using The Right Social Media For Your Business
    LinkedIn - B2B Marketing And Lead Generation
    YouTube - Video Content For Social Media
    Creating Engaging And Desirable Content
    Further Developing Facebook For Social Media Marketing
    Facebook - Targeted Advertising for Lead Generation
    Facebook/Twitter Advertising & Advanced Social Media Management
    Auditing Your Social Media
    Turning Fans Into Buyers

    Why Use Email Marketing
    Email Platforms
    Email Rules To Follow

    *The indepth Technical Course is held Seperately
    HTML/Website Structure
    Good Bots & Bad Bots
    Black Hat SEO & White Hat SEO
    Google Algorythm Changes
    On page SEO
    Local SEO
    Google Search Console
    Keyword Research & Tools To Use
    SEO And Social Media
    Using Schema Tags & Structured Data
    Backlinks and How To Build Them
    Tracking Your Competitors

    Blogging For Business Success
    Growth Hacking - Create Explosive Growth
    Content Rich Strategies (Visual, Video And Audio)


    Google PPC & SEO - Acquiring the Right Leads for Less
    Advertising - Create Ads In The Digital Space
    Target Audience - Who is Your Customer
    Advanced AdWords - Rules & Scripting

    Affiliate Marketing - Developing Strategic Partnerships Online
    Affiliate Marketing For Ecommerce

    How To Read Analytics
    Website & Campaign Performance
    Geographic Targeting
    Data Driven Marketing and Sales - Maximum Return

    Easy Setup & Integration
    How To Better Track Your Websites Performance

    Build Better Reports

    How To Define Your Online Strategy
    Retention and Recurring Revenue

SEO Outline:- (Click Here to preview online)

This SEO Course will equip you with the relevant skills and tools to optimize and maintain a successful SEO strategy. Learn how to rank on Google and increase your search traffic while attracting better quality audiences to your website using ethical and Google compliant best practice guidelines.

Understand the Google Algorithm’s & Ranking Signals
Key factors in Technical, On-Page & Off-Page SEO
Advanced Keyword Research & Selection
Link Profile Analysis
On page optimization
Structured Data & Schema Mark-up
Page loading speed
Optimizing for Mobile First
Voice Search Optimization
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
What to avoid in SEO
SEO Strategy
Best SEO Tools (Paid & Free)

We put the practical back into Digital, if you would like to take control of your brand, understand all your reporting and what your teams are doing, or start your own online business, give in touch with us today!

yMarketing Digital Marketing (Pty) Ltd

yMarketing is an award winning digital agency, who build amazing brands and specialise in digital marketing. We consult, work, improve and teach in all aspects relating to digital marketing. As a results driven agency, we strive to achieve our clients assessed goals.